When Thieves Strike: And the Value of Stuff

We’ve had thieves strike. Twice. In the first instance, they were real thieves, but in the second, they were sort of fake thieves. As many of you know, we have a summer home. And in our absence thieves got in, taking our bedroom mirror and a small step ladder. 

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Is It Courage – Or Strength?

In light of my post yesterday on vaccine mandates, some comments caused me to reflect. Comments that expressed concern for our situation. Or commended our courage in following our convictions. It was the latter that made me pause.

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Five-Hand Christmas!

“Merry and bright? With all the economic woes, inflation, and instability? A bright and merry Christmas seems unlikely this year. Even celebrating in the midst of all this seems crazy, let alone trying to make it merry and joyful! And Christmas gifts, now?

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Embracing Life’s Winter

I’m grateful to no longer live in the land of always winter – that was my home state of Michigan. (At least that’s how it often seemed!) Always winter, but with Christmas! I much prefer southern Italy, where winters are mild and rare snow quickly melts. Only in our distant mountains does it last all winter.

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