When you Feel Marooned (For Missionaries and Non)

Few of us have ever found ourselves marooned on a desert island with no compass. But many things in life can make us feel marooned. Like relocating to another country, for example, because it upends your entire world. Quite literally, if you have moved across the equator as well!

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When Your Foundation Falls Away

“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” That’s sort of what happened to me. Except the foundation wasn’t destroyed, it fell away. I fell down an entire flight of marble steps (10 of them) in May, without remembering how it happened. I guess my mind chose to block it out.

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When God Says: You Have Not Failed Me

The apostle Paul was sitting in a prison cell. The city in an uproar over this man who stirred things up wherever he went. I, in his place, would have asked, “Why Lord? I was only obeying you and preaching your word. So please get me out of this fix! I’ve done nothing to deserve jail!” 

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