Spring Cleaning? Time to Declutter!

Our current house is half the size of the previous place we had up north. So when we moved in, I struggled to make everything fit, and started seeing the need to declutter. Life here in our peaceful valley is slow and simple too. Which helped me rethink my values and priorities.

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One-Bag Travel: Packing List

In sharing why we Travel With Just a Carry-on each, I also shared that traveling so light seemed utterly impossible. Because I like being prepared for anything and everything. An organizer and champion list maker, I’d jot down everything imaginable, and drag it along. Only to realize that we never even used most of it! 

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Chestnuts Bursting on an Open Fire (Joy in the Simple Things)

Tips for missionaries (and people everywhere).

The fire didn’t heat better out of the fireplace. All it really did was create more smoke! Though no one would ever convince the dear, stubborn, old man of that! Yet we fondly remember those simple evenings of reading by the fire in my father-in-law’s home as some of the most cozy and delightful evenings of our lives, even with the choking smoke and burning eyes!

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5 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From the Internet

Have you ever had any epiphany moments in your life? Those aha! moments, that make you sit up and take notice? I have, and one came to me recently. It came about one evening as I realized that I don’t want to spend all my time scrolling and reading online.

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