When God Says: You Have Not Failed Me

The apostle Paul was sitting in a prison cell. The city in an uproar over this man who stirred things up wherever he went. I, in his place, would have asked, “Why Lord? I was only obeying you and preaching your word. So please get me out of this fix! I’ve done nothing to deserve jail!” 

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Jesus is Saying: Just Look at Me

The evil dragon had long presented an existential threat to the city. Even years after it had entered hibernation, the threat remained. And then the day came that the beast reawakened. And Lake-town inhabitants found themselves once again under imminent threat of destruction.

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God Always Keeps a Place For You: They Lost Our Tent!

Our 8 suitcases bulged with the few things we owned, including eight teddy bears! Other than one box stored with my parents and the scarce money we had, it was all we owned in the world. But finally, we were ready to leave! Mission field here we come!

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