Is It Courage – Or Strength?

In light of my post yesterday on vaccine mandates, some comments caused me to reflect. Comments that expressed concern for our situation. Or commended our courage in following our convictions. It was the latter that made me pause.

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It’s An Ill Wind: Vaccine Mandates

Winter is usually brief in our area, no matter what the calendar says. We get more rain than snow. Most years the cold doesn’t start until December or January and starts to wane by the end of February. This year it blew in with a vengeance, with temperatures below average. And with extra strong winds, which of course makes it seem even colder.

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These Difficult Times: Time to Reset?

At the risk of sounding like a doomsday prophet I’d say difficult times are upon us and bound to get worse. Financial woes, unstable governments, alarming Great Resets, crumbling values. There are also existential threats to health and the environment, according to experts.

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Face the Long Hard Road With Joy and Integrity!

The road often seems long and hard, doesn’t it? And not understanding why, we start to grumble and complain. (Come on, please tell me I’m not the only one!) We forget that life in Christ is a journey in which God calls us to keep going further up and further in with him.

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