God Always Keeps a Place For You: They Lost Our Tent!

Our 8 suitcases bulged with the few things we owned, including eight teddy bears! Other than one box stored with my parents and the scarce money we had, it was all we owned in the world. But finally, we were ready to leave! Mission field here we come!

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How to Help Immigrants and Refugees

Being an immigrant myself this topic is close to my heart. I cannot fully relate to refugees or economic immigrants. I did not move out of personal need, but for ministry. Plus I have dual citizenship. But I understand moving to an unfamiliar country. And we have also worked with refugees here. Even adopting unofficially a young Nigerian woman and her baby.

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Italian Worm Cheese and Culture Shock

We have a saying in Italian. Non c’è niente di nuovo sotto il sole. (There is nothing new under the sun.) And yes, I know it’s from the Bible. But I also know that King Solomon, who wrote that, didn’t live in a foreign land. Otherwise, I wonder if he might not have changed it to: “There is something new under the sun. Every day, and in countless ways!” 

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