Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This delicious Italian favorite originated in the Appenine hills of the Lazio region, and is thought to have been a staple dish for shepherds, as the ingredients were easy to transport or procure. The name comes from “carbonaro” which means coal miner, because of the plentiful black pepper used to season it.

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Eggs in Purgatory

Recipes have returned! I used to post recipes/Italian food weekly, which I stopped for various reasons. But readers loved them. So I’ve decided to give them a comeback, specializing in cost-effective dishes for the hard times we’re all facing. Hope you enjoy them and that they’ll help with your budget cooking!

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All I Know About Cooking I Learned From my Italian Mother-in-Law

Everything I ever knew about cooking I learned from my Italian mother-in-law! (Wouldn’t that have made a great title!?) But it’s not true. 🤔 I already knew how to cook, and didn’t need lessons from Mamma Anna. But she did teach me menu planning, albeit second hand. And I have learned a lot about cooking from living in Italy. (Eating with Italians is in itself a cooking lesson!)

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What the Romans Ate [Video]

The Roman empire played a major role in world history and in New Testament times. God used it to prepare the world for the Messiah’s birth and facilitate the spread of the Gospel. Given its significant role in the time of Christ, it’s worthwhile to learn what daily life was like back then.

Knowledge of biblical times can bring a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. So I hope you’ll enjoy this video from Absolute History. And that it will provide useful insight. Happy viewing!