Simplest Italian Snack Ever

Are you looking for a simple and healthy snack you can prepare at a moment’s notice? Oil on bread has long been the standard go-to snack in Italian kitchens. (Especially before the advent of unhealthy junk food.) It’s so tasty as a midnight snack, after school, or at any time! And all you need is fresh Italian bread and a bit of extra-virgin olive oil!

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Love is in the Air: Valentines in Italy

Wherever you go in Italy, it seems that is love in the air! With Venice and its gondola rides and Verona with Romeo and Juliet, Italy is known as one of the most romantic travel spots in the world. But Italy isn’t only for lovers. There’s something for everyone! And especially at Valentine’s time!! Italy almost seems made for the holiday!

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Pesto Sauce alla Genovese

This delicious pasta sauce is almost a symbol of Genoa, the Ligurian city where it originated. Simple and with few ingredients, it makes an excellent condiment for the warm weather months. And it’s not limited to just pasta. Try it on chicken, meat, cooked fresh green beans, a tomato salad, or as a risotto. And here in Italy, many places even serve pesto pizza!

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Modena’s Balsamic Vinegar [Video]

The Modena province in Emilia Romagna, where we lived for many years, is home to Balsamic Vinegar. And it’s one of the places we always enjoy returning to. Full of tradition, fine cars, and friendly people, it’s an ideal place to visit. And to get some tasty, but expensive, balsamic vinegar!

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