Giving Thanks for Providence

Autumn here in Italy is a special time of year, one of my favorites! In small towns, like ours, the scent of wood smoke floats in the crisp, clean air. Grapes ferment into fine wines. And olives, pressed into green gold, glisten in their bottles.


Through the Eyes of a Child

While watching an old Andy Griffith episode one day, my 6-year-old grandson piped up with a question. “Why don’t they want that man to sing, Nonna? He sings real good!” That man was Rafe Hollister who, with his golden singing voice, had won a contest to sing at the Ladies’ Society Musicale.


The Much of Little

We no longer travel a great deal by train, but I remember the long train trips of our early carless years in Italy. When Hubby also rode an old moped 12 miles to work – even in snow or rain.

History Anyone? Absolutely! [Video]

If you’re a history buff like me, you’ll love Absolute History’s Youtube channel! They offer fun and informative videos which present history in an entertaining way. Not only do they recount Britian’s history, covering the Tudor, Stuart, and Victorian eras, but much more. Including ancient world history, the Middle Ages, and even modern history.

Hidden in Silence: Movie Review

I don’t know about you, but finances can get pretty tight around here. Our outings usually mean strolling up the street on Saturday night for wonderful piping hot pizzas from our favorite pizzeria-hangout, The Red Wolf. Eating out (unless you go elegant or eat a lot) is really pretty inexpensive here. We can get two round pizzas, water, and wine for about $10!! And I’m talking GOOD pizza! 🙂

The Most Dangerous Ways to School [Video]

Most of us went to school as kids, and knew the way so well we could almost follow the path eyes closed! But few of us could have imagined taking the extremely long, ardous, and danger-frought paths the children in these documentaries follow.