CT Studd and God’s Reputation

As a young man, Charles Thomas Studd (1860-1931) had everything going for him. A famous cricket champion during his Eton and Cambridge days, fame and success were his. But after his older brother George died, he started questioning it all. “What is all the fame and flattery worth,” he wondered, “when a man comes to face eternity?” 

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When the Way is Blocked

No one likes roadblocks or delays. We prefer doing what we want and going where we wish. But sometimes we find roadblocks in our way, and frustration sets in. Or irritation, anger, resignation, sorrow. Disappointment can bring a whole spectrum of emotions. And we wish for a bulldozer to clear the way.

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Lessons on Surrender from Mount Moriah

Moriah, which means chosen by God, was where God had his temple built, for it was a place special and holy to him. It was also where he sent King David to offer sacrifices after his sin of taking a census (1 Chronicles 21). It seemed like such a small thing, counting the people, but David did it out of pride. Which made God so angry that he sent a plague upon the people.

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Unwilling Missionaries

Jonah was an unwilling missionary. An odd one, but not because he was reluctant. I have known unwilling missionaries. I’ve even been one. In Jonah’s case his unwillingness stemmed from disobedience. But sometimes the reluctance comes from fear. Fear of failure. What if no one listens? What if I bear no fruit? Or if they hate me, and they stone me or something?

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