Raising Readers in a Technological Era

From the time our children were babies we read to them a lot, identifying pictures in books. Building their vocabulary, along with a love of books, one word at a time. And it paid off! Our daughter could already say many words at 9 months. And by age one, she spoke in complete sentences! Our son, also an early starter, was only a bit behind his sister.

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What the Romans Ate [Video]

The Roman empire played a major role in world history and in New Testament times. God used it to prepare the world for the Messiah’s birth and facilitate the spread of the Gospel. Given its significant role in the time of Christ, it’s worthwhile to learn what daily life was like back then.

Knowledge of biblical times can bring a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. So I hope you’ll enjoy this video from Absolute History. And that it will provide useful insight. Happy viewing!

John Stott: Radical Disciple

I would imagine that most (or at least many) Christ-followers have at least heard of John Stott, well-known for his godly writings which greatly influenced the global church. But he was perhaps most remembered as the pastors’ pastor, loved for his humble simplicity. Two things, however, stand out in particular for me. 

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