Free Bible Images

Here’s a tip for all you creatives, teachers, ministers, and the like! Have you ever felt frustrated over the lack of high-quality Bible images? Then take a look at Free Bible This amazing site contains over 1100 sets of Bible story images and illustrations. Available to download and use for free by agreeing to their terms of use.

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Old Testament Historical Books

Following the Bible’s law books, the historical books often read more like exciting narratives than mere factual accounts. And this is because they focus mostly on Israel’s relationship to God. Covering nearly 1000 years of Israel’s history, the events of these 12 books occurred from approximately 1400 – 425 BC.

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When Opportunity Knocks {Bible School}

You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat MIA here lately. Well, that’s because opportunity knocked – and kept on knocking! I’ve gone back to school (yes, at my age)! And because it’s been years decades since I’ve taken any formal training I’m finding it a bit challenging to say the least!

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