Spring Cleaning? Time to Declutter!

Our current house is half the size of the previous place we had up north, and I struggled at first to make everything fit. So I started seeing the need to declutter. Life here in our peaceful valley is slow and simple too. Which helped me rethink my values and priorities.

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Why I Became a Minimalist

Why I became a minimalist (of sorts) is a question I often get asked. And it’s not always easy to explain, particularly to those who’ve never heard of minimalism. Or when I tell them that it all came about because of a bottle of vinegar. After I learned that my daughter no longer bought chemical cleaning products.

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When Thieves Strike: And the Value of Stuff

We’ve had thieves strike. Twice. In the first instance, they were real thieves, but in the second, they were sort of fake thieves. As many of you know, we have a summer home. And in our absence thieves got in, taking our bedroom mirror and a small step ladder. 

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