Resolutions: Band-Aids or Solutions?

It’s time again to ring in a new year and make our resolutions. Yet only rarely do we manage to keep them. Both experience and statistics show this. So if you also fail to keep yours, take heart. You are not alone! Many of us have made them, only to feel discouraged or even guilty for not sticking to them.

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The Amazement of the Incarnation

Matthew Henry in his commentary tells of Francis Junius, a 15th century reformed scholar and theologian, who reported that after his first reading of John chapter 1 that he “observed such a divinity in the argument, such an authority and majesty in the style, that his flesh trembled, and he was struck with such amazement that for a whole day he scarcely knew where he was or what he did; and thence he dates the beginning of his being religious.” (Matthew Henry)

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We Each Have a Part to Play

I recently read an article marking the anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ death in November 1963. Many mourned his passing. But for his part, he was ready for his departure. During his final days he made the following memorable declaration: “I have done all I wanted to do, and I’m ready to go.” What a blessed state to live, and die, in!

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