CT Studd and God’s Reputation

As a young man, Charles Thomas Studd (1860-1931) had everything going for him. A famous cricket champion during his Eton and Cambridge days, fame and success were his. But after his older brother George died, he started questioning it all. “What is all the fame and flattery worth,” he wondered, “when a man comes to face eternity?” 

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When the Way is Blocked

No one likes roadblocks or delays. We prefer doing what we want and going where we wish. But sometimes we find roadblocks in our way, and frustration sets in. Or irritation, anger, resignation, sorrow. Disappointment can bring a whole spectrum of emotions. And we wish for a bulldozer to clear the way.

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Simplest Italian Snack Ever

Are you looking for a simple and healthy snack you can prepare at a moment’s notice? Oil on bread has long been the standard go-to snack in Italian kitchens. (Especially before the advent of unhealthy junk food.) It’s so tasty as a midnight snack, after school, or at any time! And all you need is fresh Italian bread and a bit of extra-virgin olive oil!

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Spring Cleaning? Time to Declutter!

Our current house is half the size of the previous place we had up north, and I struggled at first to make everything fit. So I started seeing the need to declutter. Life here in our peaceful valley is slow and simple too. Which helped me rethink my values and priorities.

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