Even Animals Speak Italian!

Ask any child what the chicken says and he or she is sure to say “Cluck, cluck.” Unless of course, that child happens to speak another language. For you see, animals speak different languages, depending on where they live!

There is no universal way for mimicking animal sounds. So when we do imitate their sounds we do it according to how it sounds in our own language. In English the dog says woof-woof or arf-arf. But in Spanish he says guau, guau, in Dutch blaf-blaf, Japanese wan-wan, and Korean meong. And here in Italy bau-bau

There is no universal way for mimicking animal sounds. And that’s why the dog can say anything from woof-woof, arf-arf, guau-guau, blaf-blaf, wan-wan, or bau-bau!

So animals here speak Italian, and here’s what some of them sound like:

Some are quite similar to English. But others, like the chicken, make quite a different sound!

Remember: vowels in Italian almost always make the same sound. A as in all; E as in desk; I as in ink; and U as in duty.

What various animals say in Italian:

Dog / CaneBau, Baubau-bau or bow-bow
Cat / GattoMiao, Miaomjau or meow
Mouse / TopolinoSquitt, Squittskweet
Bird / UccelloCip, Cipcheep
Rooster / GalloChi-chiiri-chikee-keeeree-kee
Horse / CavalloHiiiiiheeeee
Donkey / AsinoI-oh, I-ohee-awe
Chicken / GallinaCo-co-dè, co-co-dèco-co-day
Crow / CorvoCra-Cracra
Goose / OcaQua-Quakwa
Chick / PulcinoPio-Piopee-o
Sheep / PecoraBeeh-Beehbeh (as in best)
Goat / CapraBeeh-Beehbeh (as in best)
Frog / RanaCra-Crakrah
Cow / MuccaMuuuuumu
Snake / SerpenteSsszzzssszzz
Bee / ApeZzzzzzzz
Pigeon / PiccioneHu-Huhu
Wolf / LupoHuuuuuhuu

No wonder we can’t talk with the animals!  Not only would we have to learn real animal languages, but possibly even languages around the world!

Did you know that animals are so smart that they even speak foreign languages? 😉

Images: | Chicken by RhianJane | Cat ©SignorMario.

12 replies on “Even Animals Speak Italian!”

The rooster’s call is interesting in both Italian and English, for sure! And yes, from the way it’s written in Italian it can look like cheery. Except that the ch in this word is pronounced like a k. This is how it’s pronounced: kee-keeeree-kee. Though I wish I could see roosters as cheery. They usually just make me grumpy!!


Well Nancy, we don’t have many roosters right around us, thankfully! And as far as Italian pronunciation, it’s not always that clear cut. Ch only makes the k sound when it’s followed by an e or i; (che or chi). The rest of the time it’s pronounced with a k sound. Oh, the fun of learning foreign languages. It can be mind boggling at times!!

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Glad you enjoyed it Linda. Thought it would be fun for families! Just proof that languages can be fun and interesting!!


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