The Sound of Silence: A Poem

Listen to the Sound of Silence

It sighs on the wind 
The voice of calm serenity
Whispers in the treetops 
Calling, peace be still
Whispering, sighing, breathing 
Never still, nor fully silent

Harken to its melody 
Singing in the stillness

For only then 
Do we truly hear

Only then do we learn 
That the Lord, He is God 

Be still and know
Listen to the silence
It speaks

Image by Welsh Pixie.

12 replies on “The Sound of Silence: A Poem”

How beautiful! Thank you for this. It reminds me of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. The deafening silence of the beauty and the Holy Spirit hovering over the waters. God is whispering 🙂


If this pic reminds you of Vietnam, then it must be beautiful! And I love the way you put it: the deafening silence of the beauty. That’s what our summer village is like. Different scenery, but beautiful with a deafening silence – figuratively and literally! My prayer is that such times and places will give our heart the room it craves for hearing God’s whispers and whispering back!


Actually, I think aging helps with that. Old bones just can’t move as fast or get around as well. Our mind says Go, but the body says No! A time for every season. May old age be a season of slowing down to speed up internally, going deeper in God!

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Wonderful thoughts ma’am. As I read and absorbed your words, I was reminded that in my silence is when God speaks loudest. Thank you


Oh. My. Goodness. What inspiring words of calm and rest. Silence is such a remarkable gift for us all–yet how often do we reach out and receive it. Thank you for this, dear friend. And for the picture. It’s a salve to my soul.


That picture is great. It spoke rest and peace to me as well! I’m glad you enjoyed my little poem. I used to do a lot poetry in high school, but then fell away from it. I decided to revive it, but I can tell I’m rusty! Hopefully they will get better!


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