What I Would Miss About Italy

Sometimes, fleeting thoughts flash through my mind. Sometimes making me stop and ask, “Now where did that come from?” Others making me emphatically state, “I don’t even want to think about it!” Many just meander through for no apparent reason; this is one of those…

What would I miss most about Italy?

If we were ever to move away from Italy, what would I miss? Other than all the beautiful places and marvelous people! Why state the obvious? But how about the other stuff?

If time and space allowed, the list would be endless. But for your sake, I’ll try to keep it short! First off, the practical things. So many things, large and small, that make Italy an excellent place to live!

The PRACTICAL blessings

  • The public health system
    Though not flawless, Italy’s healthcare system is a boon. It consistently ranks among the finest in the world. Plus, most services and medications are free or at minimal cost. Even hospital stays.
  • Discount supermarkets
    What big money savers they are, which is ever more critical in light of today’s inflation. 😦
  • Our bidet
    Let’s put it this way. For private hygiene, toilet paper just doesn’t do the job. Enough said about that. But I would also miss my bidet because they’re really just low sinks, and useful for so many other things. Footwashing after wearing sandals all day. A perfect footrest while standing to shave your legs. An ideal tub for washing baby’s bottom during diaper changes. And finally, a place to wash garments by hand or put stubborn stains to soak.
  • The public transport system
    In most places, car-free living is possible due to the extensive bus and train systems. Although service is limited in isolated places, like down in our summer village.
  • The low cost of living
    By steering clear of Italy’s major cities, you should be able to live quite inexpensively. Italy usually ranks high among Europe’s cheapest places to live. And has a high quality of life. There’s nothing in the world like Italy’s famous dolce vita!
  • Cheap phone and internet service
    Compared to the USA, we have reliable, fast internet and phone service at a very low cost.

The Good and yummy stuff

  • The coffee
  • Including cappuccino and the numerous ways to order an expresso in Italy. Lungo, corto, ristretto, macchiato, and so many more! There’s something for everyone!
  • The smell of coffee when you walk into a bar. It’s intoxicating!
  • The great cuisine
    I’d say it’s a well-known fact that Italians are convinced their food is the finest in the world. Perhaps I’m partial, but I agree! Partly because of high quality ingredients, but mostly, I think, because it’s truly made with love. Italians love their food, love preparing it well, and love seeing others eat it!
  • Produce
    Most fruits and vegetables are local, or at least national. Freshly picked, packed with sun-ripened flavor, and affordable!
  • Bread
    Fresh bread, still warm and fragrant, delivered daily right to your front door!
  • The 4-hour dinners
    With friends and family gathered around the table..
  • The food sagras
    Food festivals that celebrate local or regional wines and delicacies found in every town and city around the nation.
  • Olive oil
    Extra, extra virgin olive oil, straight from the farmer, and at incredibly cheap prices!
  • Pizza
    Knowing that wherever you are you’ll find superb pizza!

The simple joyous things!

AKA La Dolce Vita…Because life is mostly slower, we have time to savor moments and truly enjoy life’s more significant and meaningful things…

  • The chiming of church bells pealing through town, every hour on the hour
  • Being on a first name basis with our butcher, baker, greengrocer, and pizza maker
  • The beauty of the old town centers, churches, tiled roofs, and cobblestone streets
  • The daily passeggiatas or evening stroll through the town square
  • Trips to the seashore
  • An hour of leisure in the piazza or at the seashore with hubby, enjoying a Spritz and apperitivi
  • Fresh-smelling laundry flapping in the breeze
  • Their love of tradition and pride in heritage
  • The smell of woodsmoke floating in the air
  • The weather, with its delightful springs and gorgeous autumns
  • Grapes ripening on the vine
  • Grape harvest and olive gathering

But really, I would miss just about everything. Come to think of it, this random thought was more of the type, “It doesn’t bear thinking about!”

Images: Train by Engin Akyurt | Coffee by Albany Colley | Laundry by Barni1.

14 thoughts on “What I Would Miss About Italy

  1. They’re fun ducks that always travel in flocks, have pinkish feet and beaks, and make this wonderful whistling noise together that sounds like a choir of whistling people. They make me smile. Their little feet dangle as they fly. You’d love them. We could sit on my porch with a cup of joe and watch, listen, and laugh.


    1. I’m sure I would like them! I looked them up and they make a wonderful sound. I’d love to come and watch them from you porch. But not in hurricane season! 😉


  2. I love the idea of “viva la dolce vita”! We’re on too fast a track in the US, and it seems to be picking up speed. To pause to smell the aromas around, to watch our whistler birds wheeling overhead, to breathe deeply sometimes seems like I’m expecting too much. So much always needs to be done. I’d love to sit with you over an espresso and just share our hearts. That’s heaven.


    1. Oh, sitting together to share our hearts really would be heaven, Dayle! But I’m so glad that we get to do here on WP! We all need to just ignore our to-do lists every so often, and take time to smell the flowers. We need to reclaim the art of living in the moment the way young children to do. We miss so much with our busy rushing. By the way, what are whistler birds?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your comments about cappuccino and Italian food made me nostalgic for an Italian restaurant my husband and I went to many a Friday for date night. (This was years ago now, when we lived in Florida.) SUCH delicious food!! And we loved being on a first-name basis with the owners and staff, getting to know them, and praying for them. I was surprised that a few items you enjoy in Italy, I enjoy here in the Midwest, USA–things like church bells in the distance, fantastic bread from a local bakery, the beautiful architecture in a 230-year-old city, and the pride we share in our “city with the small-town feel.” Granted, Italy offers architecture that’s much older, and many of your traditions go back much further than ours. But it must be remembered: We got a late start here!! 😁


    1. Yes Nancy, Europe did have a headstart on architecture and tradition, so much of ours dates back thousands of years. But every place on earth has some sort of beauty and things to be treasured. Your description of the Italian restaurant sounds so typical. Italians are, overall, welcoming and hospital… especially when they can offer you food!! And I, too, love towns with that small-town feel!!

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  4. Tante cose meravigliose che ci mancano dell’Italia. Gelato, Bisteca Fioritinna, e la lista continua. 🙂 i grappa riserva. LOL


      1. Indeed Ms. Sheila; the list of things we love about Italy never ends. The same can be said for the God we serve also. Like you, I’m ever-grateful His love knows no end. God’s blessings my newfound friend.


        1. Italy is a special place, for sure JD! But you’re so right. The wonders of our God are beyond counting! We are among all people most blessed!


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