Free Bible Images

Here’s a tip for all you creatives, teachers, ministers, and the like! Have you ever felt frustrated over the lack of high-quality Bible images? Then take a look at Free Bible This amazing site contains over 1100 sets of Bible story images and illustrations. Available to download and use for free by agreeing to their terms of use.

Over 1100 sets of images!

They’re all part of the visual journey through the Bible this Christian team is working to create. They have a vision of helping Bible teachers in this visual age. And with their heart for helping those serving in the poorest regions of the world, all the content is free!

Their large collection makes finding the right images for your next project or blog post a piece of cake! You can filter your search by name, character, book, or theme. And choose from these formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or JPEG.

They also have a printable PDF Story Planner for each image set. Which serves as a helpful teaching tool.

Look at some of the great images!

Bible Story Photos

From the Fish and Fishing Nets set

Bible Story Illustrations:

From the Birth of Christ set

Check them out and follow their blog:

If you like what you see here check out the large image collection on their site. And click here to visit their blog for tips and amazing behind-the-scenes stories! And leave them a note of encouragement!

My thanks to this great team for all their fine work!!

All images from People on street by Free Bible | Fish and Fishing Nets set by | Birth of Christ set by The Edge Group & Lion Hudson Ltd.

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