Out of Commission

As the saying says, when it rains it pours, and for me lately it’s been a period of real flooding! Well, I’ve done it again. Fallen, and this time down a whole flight of stairs. Marble steps, all 10 of them.

I’ve decided I need a protective body suit and insurance for falls. Or walking lessons. Or in this case, flight training. Apparently I stepped into thin air and flew to the bottom.

Not a skilled flier, I landed at the bottom of the stairs like a broken crumpled bird. Bruised all over, with a crushed lumbar vertebra and a fractured shoulder blade. As you can imagine, the pain is atrocious, and my 40 days in bed will be tortuous.

But as I lay there on the landing, my first instinct was to call on the Lord for help. How wonderful that he is always present and ready to console, help, and heal.

Next I thanked him that I wasn’t alone. The Lord was there with me. And Hubby was also by my side in a flash, after almost fainting. I hope to be better soon. But it’s going to take a lot of patience and strength. I also thanked him for still being alive, although I wouldn’t have minded being with him.

So no posts for a while. But I will try reading all of yours, and commenting on my better days.

I count on your prayers, my dear friends. And I’ll keep you in mine as I lay here and stare at the ceiling, meditating on God’s goodness. Thank you!

Image by Art Tower.

49 thoughts on “Out of Commission

  1. I’m so sorry, Sheila! I will keep you in prayer! Heal quickly. I look forward to the nuggets of wisdom the Lord will be teaching you during this time… that is always how He works. He is so good. *hug* ~Linda


    1. Thank you Linda, for keeping me in prayer. So many people were holding me up in prayer, and what a difference it made!! Yes, I feel he taught me much through it all, but I’m still processing it. His good. All the time and in every way. Thank you, my friend!


        1. Yes it is, Linda! I am still overwhelmed by the outflow of love shown. People around the world were praying for us! My first time returning to church was overwhelming too. Upon entering they gave a standing ovation! I felt so loved, and so overcome by God’s goodness in all that he had done and is doing! He is beyond amazing!!


  2. Oh, Sheila! With your other friends here I too am terribly sorry to hear this news! I pray that your healing WILL be augmented by our gracious Father, and meanwhile the days pass quickly and even pleasantly as you meditate on God’s goodness. Well done, good and faithful servant, to make that your determination during your convalescence!


  3. May God’s presence, comfort and peace sustain you. Praying for pain relief and a full recovery. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12


  4. I’m so very sorry, my friend! Such hard and challenging circumstances–and painful as well! Praying for a quick recovery but more for the patience, calm, and shalom to get through this time as a reflection of Him in all you do.


  5. Oh, Sheila. I am so sorry.
    Oh, Father, having not yet met this lovely Sister, even so, I am so grateful to know her. I come asking for abundant comfort and healing; asking that as she waits for her body to do what YOU designed it to do – heal, please make this time more than bearable but a holy and sweet time of fellowship and learning with You that more than makes it worth it. Thank You that she has her hubby with her and thank You that You were not caught off guard by this and YOU are keeping her company as she heals. And I do ask please that the healing be sooner than is expected. Please ease the pain as much as is healthy and give her peace, please. Draw her close and reveal mighty and wonderful things to her from Your Very Own Self in this season that You have allowed for Your Glory and her good. Thank You for the blessing she is personally to my life and I ask every good gift You have for her to be received in JESUS name.


    1. Thank you Bruce. And for remembering Mario in your prayers too. He’s got a lot taking care of me and keeping up with the house. He’s such a blessing!

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      1. Amen. 🌷 Whenever I used to *send* this rose emoticon to someone, I’d say at least once, “It has a thousand good wishes for you tucked into its petals.” Well, that hasn’t changed. 🌷


        1. Oh, that is so sweet! I just love it. I certainly did need all those good wished, but I’m thankful to say that I am finally getting better! God is good!!

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  6. I’m so sorry- healing blessings! I will be praying that you find joy in the journey. God must have something astounding to reveal to you if He needs your undivided attention for 30 days. I can’t wait to hear what it is! Rest easy.


    1. Thank you so much. I’m sure he must, but so far, mostly I’ve learned how much I was taking for granted. How much I overlooked. I’m grateful to have his constant presence and help.


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