Little Becomes Much in God’s Hands

Have you ever told the Lord, “I can’t do that?” I have, totally convinced that it was useless to even try. Until the Lord showed me that even small things become significant in his hands. 

Large crowds often followed the Lord. And that day, after crossing Lake Galilee, was no different. He had ventured off to get some rest in a quiet place, alone with his disciples. Yet the crowd followed after him even there.

And Christ, looking up and seeing that they were like sheep without a shepherd, felt moved by compassion for them. So he sat down to teach them, weary as he was. Until, seeing how late it was getting, the disciples suggested sending the people away to buy themselves food.

Little becomes much

“No, you feed them!” Christ instructed. And then refuted their logic that it would cost too much, by telling them to use what they already had on hand. “But we only have 5 small loaves and 2 small fish. What’s that among so many?”

And yet, from that small amount of food, they all had as much as they wanted! 5000 men, plus women and children. And they even collected 12 basketsful of leftovers! And that’s because little – when placed in God’s hands – becomes much.

Use what you have

Christ didn’t have to use their food. He could have created something from nothing. But he chose to work with what the Father had already supplied.

Many times in Scripture God directed people to use what they already had.

From Moses’s rod to David’s five stones, and the widow’s jar of oil that never ran out.

  • “What do you have in your hands?” the Lord asked Moses. “That is what you will use as proof that I sent you!” And it even made the high and mighty Pharaoh listen, Exodus 4.
  • “What do you have in the house?” Elisha asked the widow woman. “Bring me that jar!” And her supply of oil lasted until the famine was over, 2 Kings 4.

God has given us much

God has placed much in our hands too. Material blessings, talents, and all the spiritual gifts we need to complete his work. Yet we often overlook what the Lord has already given. And allow our perceived lack — both materially and spiritually — to keep us from stepping out in obedient faith. Yet, even one tiny seed of faith is powerful in God’s hands.

But we often fail to see what he’s given

Like the disciples, we fail to see that even a little becomes much in God’s hands.

I learned this the first time I was called to speak at a women’s group years ago. I don’t mind public speaking, even before large crowds. But I don’t enjoy teaching God’s Word before a group, let alone teaching in Italian! Because I realize that my gifts and calling lie in writing and one-on-one mentoring, not public speaking. I was sure I’d fail. And more importantly, I was afraid of letting God down.

But the Lord reminded me, “I’ve already given you much. You’ve got a story to tell. My story in your life. Just share that, and I’ll do the rest.”

I’ve often heard speakers say that their knees feel weak. But weak knees? My whole body was like a jelly fish! And with my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth, I couldn’t get a word out! I’m sure the women wondered, “What is this? A comedy act?” My head bobbing about, trying to unstick my tongue must have made a pretty convincing chicken act!

God’s ability is what counts

“You see Lord, I knew I couldn’t do this!” I told him. And that’s when he said, “You’re right. I already knew that. But didn’t I tell you to just do your part, and that I’d do the rest?”

God doesn’t call us because we’re able – he knows we’re not. All he asks is that we do our part and he’ll do the rest. Because he is the God who turns little into much.

So I opened my mouth to speak, and he took are of the rest! It was nothing less than a miracle. For my words on overcoming fear were strong and powerful and touched every heart in the room. I know because there wasn’t a dry eye among them. But I also know that it wasn’t because I’m a skilled speaker, for I’m not.

“One of the most powerful tools we have is just using whatever the Lord has given us,” I shared, “and then trusting and resting in him to do the rest.” And he did it. Because he always does, and always will. That message was living proof of it.

We may not have much. And whatever we do have will never be enough, because without him we can do nothing. But in him we are empowered to do all things.

Little becomes much when we give it to God. Because he is the God who does the rest.

It is not my ability but my response to God’s ability that counts.

Corrie ten Boom

Fish & bread from by | Grain in hands by Blackout Photography | Woman Image Gift Habeshaw | Graphic made on Canva.

12 thoughts on “Little Becomes Much in God’s Hands

  1. “Little becomes much when we give it to God. Because he is the God of doing the rest.” Such delightful reassurance, Sheila. And what a glorious adventure it is to watch him work!


  2. It never ceases to amaze me how fearful I become when I question my abilities because I’ve listened to the lies of the enemy. But you’re so right! He takes what little we have and creates something beautiful out of our meagerness. All-powerful and all-loving for sure. Thanks for this wonderful blog.


    1. Thanks Dayle. I love that “out of our meagerness.” We are indeed so meager, especially in light of his enless greatness! He is wonderful!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gail. He really is faithful, and all he asks is that we obey and do our best. He already knows that we can’t do it without his help!!

      Liked by 1 person

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