Honoring Dad

Today I’m looking back, way back. Yesterday was Dad’s birthday and he would have been 87. He passed away last year, just 4 days before his 86th birthday. I miss him still and always will. Especially because of all the lost years. All my years overseas, so far from family.

It’s not that I regret those years. They’ve been rich, full, and so blessed. Yet I can’t help but miss all the lost years and experiences. So I’m looking back on the rich memories of yesteryear. Reminding myself of how much I have to treasure.

I remember…

I remember trips to the beach, when every year Dad would take us to Lake Michigan for fresh sand for our sandbox. A true Michigander, he would always say there was no finer sand than Lake Michigan’s. A born and bred Michigander, but also one at heart.

I remember ball games and picnics with potato salad, one of his favorite dishes. He was convinced that Mom made the world’s most delicious potato salad. And I’d have to agree. I’ve never managed to make it quite so tasty.

And his deer hunting trips, when all the men in the family headed north to the big woods in the cold November snow. So many exuberant preparations, like a young boy going on his first camping trip. Sleeping in a cold tent under the snow never deterred them at all!

I remember helping him pull electric wires on his electrician jobs. Always getting praised for a job well done. And I can still hear him say, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time,” and “always do your finest.”

Looking back, I realize how much wisdom I gathered from him, without even knowing it. But I always knew how much he loved me. He showed it in so many ways.

True riches

My childhood was rich, and I cherish so many memories. Playing in the fields and woods. Searching for kittens in our hawmow. Trips to many of Michigan’s smaller lakes and swimming in the Flat River. Christmases where magic reigned. They were gifts I would never trade for anything.

But most of all, I know that I was richly blessed with such a loving father’s love. Always safe in his loving care.

And looking back, I now see how his love prepared me to receive an even greater love – that of my heavenly Father. It wasn’t difficult to transfer my trust from one to the other. I was already convinced that a dad is an excellent gift.

I’ll miss you always Dad. But I look forward to that day when we meet again. Thank you for all that you did and were. Thank you for giving me the gift of a true dad.

See what great love the Father has given us that we should be called God’s children—and we are!

1 John 3:1 CSB

Kids by calliecmmO.

13 thoughts on “Honoring Dad

  1. It’s hard saying good-bye but what joy we have to look forward to saying Hello! When my dad died, the Lord reminded me, we were not that far apart. My dad was with the Lord, the Lord was with me, we were just out of sight.


  2. Agreed: this is a lovely tribute to your wonderful father. I too enjoyed the wisdom, self-sacrifice, integrity, and love of a stellar father. He knew the Bible almost as well as a seminary professor–maybe better than some! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him, including his truisms. He often quoted the same one as your dad, Sheila: If it’s worthy doing, it’s worth doing right!


    1. Ah Nancy, such simple but sage advice dads often pass on! What a blessing those of us who have good dads were blessed with. But how wonderful that anyone can go to the heavenly Father and find him in not only a great dad – but the perfect one who never fails!

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  3. Such precious memories! I have the same – special sweet memories of my dad. And also sadness that we have lived so far away for all these years. It’s been good but sad at the same time. You understand.


    1. Yes, I do understand Patty. There are certain times when to me that Atlantic Ocean seems even greater than ever. But the precious memories help so much. They always seem to bring loved ones closer somehow.

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  4. What an incredible tribute to your dad for all the things he was and did, for the things he taught you, and for the ways you’ve been impacted by just being around him. You have been blessed, my friend.


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