Amusing Moments with Neighbors

Our neighbors are mostly elderly, simple folk with little education. Bewildered by our rapidly changing world, they often struggle with using technology. So they tend to stick to the way they’ve always done things. And that can give rise to some pretty crazy conversations!

Crazy conversations!

Just for fun, let me share a few of these cute dialogs with you!

1. Hubby talking to our neighbor, Signora Rosa…

  • Rosa: What part of Australia are you from?
  • Hubby: No Rosa, we come from America.
  • Rosa: Ah, where is that in Australia?
  • Me to myself: Guess I missed that geography lesson…

2. As I was having coffee with another neighbor, Signora Rosina…

  • Rosina: So what have you been doing today?
  • Me: Well, I just finished watering the vegetable garden.
  • Rosina: Ah, you decided to do that, did you?
  • Me: What do you mean?
  • Rosina: You decided to water your garden.
  • Me: Um…yes, plants need water.
  • Rosina: Well, I don’t water mine. I already spent money on plants, I’m not willing to spend money on water too!
  • Me: I figure since I already paid for the plants it’s better to keep them alive. Otherwise even the cost of the plants is put to waste!
  • Rosina: Well, I guess…

3. Yet again with Rosina…

  • Rosina: What a sweltering day!
  • Me: That’s for sure!
  • Rosina: Yeah, I even had to use that turny thing.
  • Me: Turny thing?
  • Rosina: Yeah, that turny electric thing. Hope my light bill won’t be too high…
  • Me: Ah, you mean the fan!!

4. And then one darkish evening in the courtyard…

  • Rosina: I was wondering how you were able to read that thing (my laptop) in the dark.
  • Me: Well, it has its own light.
  • Rosina: It does?…as she ran over to look. Well, imagine that!

5. And then that time Signor Antonio called for help…

  • Hubby: Pronto. (That’s how we say hello on the phone; it means Ready!)
  • Antonio: Pronto! I thought perhaps you could help me, because I heard you’re really skilled at technology…
  • Hubby: Me? Not really, but what do you need?
  • Antonio: I don’t know how to explain it. Could you come over?
  • Hubby: OK, I’ll stop by this afternoon.
  • Hubby to me: I can’t imagine who told him such a crazy thing! (Hubby is actually known for not being tech savvy!)

And I’d say crazy just about sums it all up. But we enjoy them. They’re great people, and we love them!

First image: House by Ben Kerchx | Globe by Nothing Ahead | Watering can by Alexas Fotos | Fan by Roy Muz | Laptop by Adras Vas | Crazy by Elisa Riva.

4 replies on “Amusing Moments with Neighbors”

Generational differences, educational opportunities, where our stories take place so often predispose us to do things a certain way. My mom never used all the water for washing clothes in the machine because where they lived, water wasn’t reliable. Where we lived it was. Change isn’t always easy.


No doubt, Dayle! Sometimes these things can be confusing. Others aggravating. But nearly always amusing!! And you’re right. change can be hard!!


Glad you enjoyed it, Nancy! According to Charlie Chaplin, I’d have to agree that our days are not wasted. We do have a lot of fun, for sure!

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