It’s An Ill Wind: Vaccine Mandates

Winter is usually brief in our area, no matter what the calendar says. We get more rain than snow. Most years the cold doesn’t start until December or January and starts to wane by the end of February. This year it blew in with a vengeance, with temperatures below average. And with extra strong winds, which of course makes it seem even colder.

After battling flu and sinus infection, during December, we were happy to get out more. (Not that we can do a whole lot here with all the restrictions.) But it was refreshing to have energy again.

But an ill wind is blowing

Italian democracy destroyed

But then the government decided to blow an ill wind too. Lockdowns, mandates, and a continual diminishing of our freedom and rights. Italian democracy has been all but destroyed. They’ve squashed the Italian constitution under their feet.

With parliament sidelined, the president became in effect an emporer. And the Prime Minister his cohort. They overrule election results, issue laws through by edicts, and silence citizens.

Mandates & Prohibitions

The latest government overreach lies in the outdoor mask mandate, again. And draconian vaccine mandates for people aged 50 and over. And those working in schools, hospitals, police, military, and emergency services. Those who refuse the vaccine cannot work or do any of the following things.

Absolutely forbidden to the Unvaccinated:

Public transportHotelsGyms, public pools
StadiumsMuseumsAmusement parks
UniversitiesTheatersClothing & shoe stores
Social centersCinemaRestaurant dining, in or out
Team sportsConferencesParties in public places

Permission granted

with a negative covid test

Places/activities allowed with a covid test

Each test, valid 48-hours, costs €15

Required to attend schoolsBanks & financial offices
Food & beverage storesGovernment offices
Hair dressers, beauticiansPost offices
Gardening storesUtility service offices
Electronics storesBook & stationery stores
Hardware & DIY storesOur own & even a friend’s car
Entrance of non-patients in hospitals, care facilities, etc.

Because Hubby and I are over 50 and unvaccinated, we each face a one-time €100 fine. And the testing requirements drove hair cut prices up. And apparently our government no longer sees shoes and clothing as necessities.

Yes, ill winds are blowing that have left people reeling.

Some people abstain from these vaccines out of fear or for medical reasons. Others like us, because of constitutional violations. And because they believe that freedom and personal rights are worth fighting for.

These vaccines are still experimental medicine, and could do more harm than benefit. Many vaccines are valid, safe, and effective, but on this one I plan to wait and see.

A two-class society

But I am most disgusted by the dual-class society it is creating. Making the unvaccinated second class citizens, denied entry into most public spheres. Stripping them of many basic rights and freedoms.

I deplore the crisis it sends so many people into. Governments should not force people to violate their conscience or beliefs. Or deny them the right to work, get an education, or enter public spaces. It’s wrong, discriminatory, and a gross misuse of power and authority.

Regular readers know that I usually avoid highly controversial topics. But sometimes the issues are too serious, the stakes too high.

Throughout this situation, governments have camoflauged their actions. They started with small measures that kept expanding. Brief lockdowns turn into lengthy ones. Few restrictions became many. Vaccine requirements expanded to more and more people.

The question is how far will they go? With other mandated medical procedures? Greater restrictions? Ever diminishing rights? A massive surveillance state? History, unfortunately, shows that these things can happen and have happened.

But – it’s an ill wind that blows no good

It’s all scary and depressing. We wonder how to navigate such times. As Hubby lost his job, we face decisions and struggle with difficulties.

But it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Even in terrible circumstances, God can bring good, though it can be hard to discern. But with the Lord’s help, I have found rays of hope even behind this dark cloud!

6 positives that an ill wind can blow in:

  1. It pushes us to pray more fervently.
  2. It creates greater dependency on God.
  3. It encourages us to strengthen bonds of friendship.
  4. It makes us thankful that all things on this earth shall pass.
  5. It brings us to the healthy realization that we can really control very little.
  6. It makes us truly grateful that God is in control and knows what he’s doing.

Winds blow, storms come. But in the Lord we shall rise above them all.

But those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not become weary, they will walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31 CSB

Images: Reeds on shore by cocoparisienne | Wind by Ofjd125gk87 | Eagle by stacyvitallo.

26 replies on “It’s An Ill Wind: Vaccine Mandates”

Divisiveness is exhausting. People who want to control everything, who are seeking power and don’t care about God’s truth and the incredible privilege He’s given us of knowing Him are losing sight that to those who are given much leadership, much is expected. And our government officials worldwide are found wanting. I value your opinion and your convictions. I especially appreciate your awareness of what this fear-mongering is pushing us toward–our Almighty God. Thanks for your insights and honesty, Sheila.


Thank you, Dayle. I think you chose the right word, exhausting. That’s what this time has become. The divisiveness, fear-mongering, governmental autocrats, restrictions, sickness, and all the rest. I’d say we’re all sick and tired of it. But we trust in God. He holds all things in his hands!!


Regarding the fear-mongering, my 83-yr. old diabetic mom got Covid and decided to just go to bed and finish dying there. She was convinced Covid means death. The fear-mongering is upsetting. I managed to convince her that getting the virus didn’t mean she was going to die. It’s insane!


I’m so sorry that your mom felt so much fear–it is evil what the media is doing, especially to people that are doing everything in their power to do “the right thing” and they’re still getting the virus. I agree with you–the consequences of such inhumane treatment of others will have longer consequences. I’m glad you were able to speak the truth to your mom and help her sense what is right and what she has no control over. You would think all this peddling of doom and gloom would move more people to Jesus, right?

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You would think so, Dayle. But we can continue to hope and pray it will. I am so grateful that mom only has really mild symptoms, though!


Thank you for writing this. As one of our radio personalities in Wisconsin has said, “everyone has taken a stupid pill.”
Praying for you there. Looking forward to a better place and time. Trying to use every opportunity as the days grow shorter.


It certainly does seem that way, Karen. Worldwide society is stuck on one narrative, refusing to allow or hear any other voice – which is both senseless and foolish. Thank you for the prayers, they’re a real encouragement as we await that better place and time!!

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In my 6+ decades upon this earth I have witnessed many things that have caused division in America. The Vietnam war, the riots of the 60’s, the Arab embargo of the 70’s, poverty, crime, and unwinnable drug war, Desert Storm, and I could go on and on.
All of those things pale in comparison to what the pandemic and ensuing vaccine mandates have done to divide and erode this nation from within. I have said from day one that this pandemic would serve as the catalyst for our government officials to set the Constitution aside and begin reshaping the country into a model of Socialism. Lo and behold, here we are in 2022 and find ourselves facing the restructuring of our Legislative branches of government in order to give one party the power to do as they wish.
Many are asking “where is God in all of this”, to which I reply “He’s where He’s always been, He hasn’t changed, moved, or abandoned us. Quite the contrary, it is we who are reaping the rewards of our rejection of Him”!


Yes Ron, we watch with saddened hearts what’s going on over there. But your reply is spot-on: God’s “where He’s always been, He hasn’t changed, moved, or abandoned us…” and he never will! Thank God in the midst of all this we can count on his justice, grace, and mercy!


Well spoken my Friend. It remains to be seen all the evil that has gone on in this stripping of humanity but it will be. The Father does not wink nor does He dismiss the sins of mankind. His Day of Reckoning is coming for all who refuse to live godly. And the Powers that Be will be in power no more. I long for that day but until then GOD is good! Thank you.


So true, Kathie. There will come a day when God says: Stop! He is in control, and in that we can rest. But he is always good, all the time!! Blessings to you!

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A lot of truth in this. America is quickly heading the same direction. I love how you pointed out that it needs to push us towards dependence upon God and trust in God. He is the answer and He already declared what the end will be. Praying for protection and provision.


Thank you, Tom. We truly believe that “in God we trust.” It is not a mere nice-sounding logo. He is in charge, he will see us through. And he does know the end; it’s in his hands. We need to pray for each other and for the whole world. When we see things happening worldwide, we know that powers and principalities are at work. But they too are in God’s hands. We need not fear them!!

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Oh, Sheila! I am SO sorry you are facing such dire circumstances. I admire your courage and faith to stand your ground at great financial cost. I have prayed for you since we connected here in the blosphere; now my prayers will include this situation: Lord God, thank you for this precious couple and others who are fighting for human rights and freedom. Raise up others, Lord, who can also fight and create critical mass that leaders will not be able to ignore! I think of King Hezekiah and Isaiah as they prayed for Jerusalem. You delivered the city! We would pray the same for Italy and other places where freedom is threatened.


Thank you so much Nancy. Especially for your prayers. But I don’t think it’s so much that we’re courageous. Our consciences just won’t let us do it. May God truly give us all the courage he gave to Hezekiah, Esther, Joshua, and so so many others in the Bible. He is our strength, and he will keep us all! Take care, my friend.

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Amen. A full third of us Americans are unvaccinated (it’s been holding forever) — I don’t know if that number counts the (so far…) unvaccinatable under-5s or not. If so, I hope it stays a full third; it gives me hope that we’ve not lost our democracy totally –but of course, the un-vax’d (for whatever reasons!) are threatened, menaced and punished in every way. That is indeed scarier than the damned pandemic. Thank you for finding the positive in it all. Hang in there! 🌷Happy New Year!


We unvaccinated are a much smaller number here. I am grateful, however, that at least not all European nations are following after Austria and Italy. That brings a small glimmer of hope. But we have the same societal divide here, which is so heartbreaking. Our prime minister states that we are the problem, even though vaccinated can get and spread the virus just as much as we. Thanks for your well wishes, and mine are coming your way too. Stay strong in the Lord! Happy new year to you too!

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I started to say “what is this world coming to?” but I stopped myself because I’ve read the end of the story and I know the answer. That situation you described is unfortunate. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with it. And I like the positives you were able to identify. Things are coming together proportionate to how the world is falling apart. Blessings!


Thanks Mamalava. We can’t help but ask ourselves that same question. It all seems so confusing, dire, and forboding. But we know the Victor and that in the end his will will prevail. When all falls apart around us, our steadfastness in God will be even more evident to those around us. He will hold us together!!

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Amen! I completely agree with you. My wife and I and our kids are not ever taking that vaccine. It is very sad and disturbing to see the abuse of power in so many countries, especially our once free countries in the west. I am very thankful for our strong Governor here in Florida. He has fought very hard to protect our rights and freedom. We are not locked down and dominated by tyrants, unlike so many of the states controlled by the socialist liberals. Praying for healing, peace, and revival to spread through the world. God bless you as you stand firm in Jesus!


Yes, I agree Ryan. Florida seems like a good place to be right now. The government overreach is not a good thing at all. But we are trying to keep two things in mind during this. #1 To treat others with love, compassion, and understanding. Regardless of their choices, beliefs, or political standing. We have many family, friends, and brethren who are vaccinated. It was their choice, and that’s as it should be. All I’m asking for is the freedom to make my own choice. #2 That God is indeed in control and he will see us through all this. His hands are never, ever tied! Take care, stay strong, and walk in his love, compassion, and mercy.

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