Have Yourself a Merry Little Five-Hand Christmas!

“Merry and bright? With all the economic woes, inflation, and instability? A bright and merry Christmas seems unlikely this year. Even celebrating in the midst of all this seems crazy, let alone trying to make it merry and joyful! And Christmas gifts, now?

So I have a novel idea this year: a 5-hand Christmas! A simple strategy that’s both down-to-earth and beneficial to the planet! And it could be helpful to your wallet too. Alleviating some of the financial pressure of gift buying!

Have a Five-Hand Christmas this year!

The Five-Hand Christmas

  • Helps take the commercialism and materialism out of Christmas.
  • The gifts are more personal and so more meaningful.
  • It can teach kids (and us) that we don’t have to spend a lot to show love and care.
  • These gifts are a lot of fun.
  • It won’t break the bank (your piggy bank, that is).
  • It’s better for the environment.
  • And all of that really does make for a Merry Christmas!

All gifts must fit into at least one of these categories:

1. HAND-made, by you personally

Even if you’re not skilled at crafts. Write or record some stories about your childhood for your children or grandchildren. Or a special photograph, enlarged and framed, or something homemade from your kitchen. Everyone loves food!

2. HAND-me-downs

One man’s junk is another’s treasure. Others might use and appreciate things you no longer use! Or why not pass on your family heirlooms? Why wait and leave them in your will? You could have the pleasure of watching them enjoy those treasured items now.

But even your gently-used coat or rarely-used purse could make a thoughtful gift. These things aren’t junk, but still useful items.

Perhaps it’s time to see that new things are not always better. To realize that showing love does not have to take money. Meaningful gifts are thoughtful and from the heart, whether from the mall or from our closets!

3. Second-HAND items

Maybe someone on your list dreams of getting a certain thing. Kids especially tend to do this. They decide they want that and only that. So pick one up second-hand!

And then use it as an opportunity to teach about Creation Care. Remember, each manufactured item creates pollution and depletes natural resources. And this might keep a few things out of landfills!

4. A helping HAND

Some people appreciate having donations given to charities or ministries in their name. I remember one year our daughter and her family donated a goat in my name. I like goats, and loved the idea of knowing that a needy family was enjoying my goat for me! (Especially since I can’t have one!)

But some of the most valuable helping hand gifts include giving of our time and presence. Visiting shut-ins and aiding the elderly. Coupons promising to do chores or babysit. Now who couldn’t use a few of those?

We recently visited a 97-year-old shut-in, and she assured us she would treasure it a lot in the coming days. Such a simple thing, and something we should do more often.

5. HAND-in-hand gifts

I’ve received many gifts over the years. But the things I most treasure are special times spent with friends or loved ones.

So give your loved ones the blessed gift of time together. Plan a date night, a family day at the zoo, a family game night, ice cream every night for a week, and something similar.

Because in the long run, what we all need and want is the presence and involvement of others. Time to care and share, or a day spent together with phones shut off. Or (gasp!) even left at home. Hand-in-hand gifts – events to treasure all year long!

We can show love and appreciation without getting caught up in the consumeristic Christmas culture! And protect the earth at the same time, because these gifts involve re-using or up-cycling!

The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination! Which makes me think. How about some jars of canned olives from our backyard? Wouldn’t those make yummy gifts?

And now, give us all a hand and share your suggestions!

Images: Ornament by Marisa04 | Knitting by xxolaxx | Bracelet by HiepHoang | Phonograph by Ponce Photography | Hands by sabinevanerp | Couple by Skitterphoto.

13 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Five-Hand Christmas!

  1. Love your ideas, Sheila. I can attest to the pleasure of receiving precious hand-me-downs. My grandmother gave me a ring on my fourteenth birthday that she had received on HER fourteenth birthday (in 1904)! It was a ring she always wore on her right hand. I still wear it today as inspiration to be as faithful to God, loving to family, and kind to others as Grandma was. In a few years I’ll be passing it on to our oldest granddaughter on her fourteenth birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that is a special hand-me-down, Nancy! I think there really is a lot of joy in receiving gifts that meant something special to the giver. It’s like they give us a piece of their heart, and that is precious indeed!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great idea and beautiful gift! One that will surely live on in loved one’s hearts, and I’m sure bring healing and comfort! Praying for peace in your heart and those of your loved ones.

      Liked by 1 person

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