Longing for Home: Do we Miss it Enough?

Sometimes after a long time away, I find myself longing for home. (HOME. Isn’t that a beautiful word?) I appreciate the hospitality we’re given. But as days pass and miles speed by, my longing for home increases. Even when visiting family and friends we rarely visit.

Home – an evocative word that doesn’t exist in every language. Every nation and language has a word for house. Which is a structure providing physical shelter. But home is so much more. Home is a place for the heart.

What makes home so important?

What is it that makes HOME such a special and cherished place? Answers to this would likely differ as much as the people who give them. But they also vary according to the different places we call home. Because for many of us, our hearts have more than one dwelling place.

Our summer home in Italy’s mountains brings thoughts of cozy evenings by the fire. Or hot summer afternoons spent lounging with a favorite book. Along with nostalgic longings for the loved ones who shared it. While our main home means relaxing afternoons on our porch swing. Soaking in our beautiful, peaceful view. When we find time, that is.

When I’m away, I long for these familiar places. Shops where I know the owners and coffee bars where I’m with friends. My weary old body craves my own bed and soft pillows. And my soul yearns for the calm order of my minimalist home.

I miss the freedom to stay in my PJ’s all day long. To get up or stay up as early or late as I wish. The freedom to eat what or when I want. And, as an INFJ introvert, I long to sit quietly without speech or interaction.

The times I’ve traveled without Hubby made me miss him and home all the more. It was home because I knew he awaited me there.

“Home is where the heart is” is not just a cute saying. Home is familiar things, beloved people, and a sense of belonging. And one of the things our hearts most hanker after, because the need for home is deeply embedded within the human heart.

How much do we miss our heavenly home?

Ever since sin separated us from God, his Spirit draws us back to our hearts’ only true home, nestled within his heart. Our spirits yearn for the home we lost. For our eternal dwelling place.

We long to return to the only One who can truly fill our deep need for home and belonging.

But do we miss our heavenly home as much as we should?

The need for home and belonging is deeply embedded in the human heart – because God’s presence is the only place where our hearts will ever feel truly and fully at home.

Why John chapter 14 resonates

This earth home is filled with trouble and worry, and we often face painful separations. Which is one reason why the first four verses of John chapter 14 resonate so deeply in our hearts.

Our Lord is preparing us for a better place for us. Where painful farewells will be a thing of the past. Where we’ll never again need to say goodbye.

Don’t let your heart be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? If I go away and prepare a place for you, I will come again and take you to myself, so that where I am you may be also

John 14:1-3 CSB

So how can we not be homesick?

How can we not long for the One who awaits us there?

We sometimes get a bit too comfortable in our earth home. We seek security and satisfaction down here, and of course never truly find them. Then our hearts become troubled and we wonder why. When all we need to do is stay close to Christ. And keep seeking that city which is to come, where our hearts will be at home forever.

How homesick are you? And how deep in your heart is the need for your heavenly home?

If we really think that home is elsewhere and that this life is a ‘wandering to find home’ why should we not look forward to the arrival?

C.S. Lewis

Images: Cottage by Tingeling | House artwork by Sketchify | Home by home by tumisu.

10 thoughts on “Longing for Home: Do we Miss it Enough?

  1. Loved reading this again. And I just caught that you’re an INFJ–which is why I love what you write because I’m an ENFP! If we lived in the same town, I’d probably drive you crazy with my words! Thanks for a refreshing reminder of how much we need to recognize that this place isn’t home–but home is definitely where our hearts should be. With Jesus.


    1. Aha, Dayle, just another similarity between us. I wonder if we’re really some kind of secret sisters… long lost or something. I wish you did live next door. Your words would be a precious delight! I already have Hubby as an ESFJ with plenty of words, and a sister in Christ next door who is also an extrovert. As long as I can carve out my times of needed solitude I’m fine!! And one day we will be Home, all together, forever and ever!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. When we’re finally united with our Heavenly Father in heaven, we’ll surely wonder how we ever felt at home on earth at all (IF we remember our experience here). I firmly believe that statement in your tweet, “God’s presence is the only place where our hearts will ever feel truly and fully at home.”


    1. Once again, Nancy, you present us with a precious nugget. “We’ll surely wonder how we ever felt at home on earth at all…” The things and places God provides for us here are wonderful and precious gifts – but nothing can compare to the glory prepared for us there!!


  3. I was just this week feeling homesick for heaven. Oh to be where my Savior lives, to look into those eyes and know how much I am loved. Thanking God for the blessing of life on earth, and for the promise of my eternal home. Thank you for your beautiful post.


    1. I hear you, Connie! Lately I’ve really been homesick to go Home. Home is such a beautiful and special place – but there will never be a place like our eternal Home. “Oh I long to see him, Look upon his face, There to sing forever of his saving grace…” May the Lord hasten that day!!


  4. What a beautiful message! We call this earth our home, but our true home is with Him. I pray that I always remember my home with Him is coming and He is waiting with open arms.


    1. Yes Mimi! And isn’t it amazing how the Lord can take a simple thing like extreme homesickness to remind us that Home is really somewhere else! I never want to stop longing for that either!!

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  5. This isn’t our home! As much as we try to make it comfy and inviting, this home will always disappoint because as much as it meets heart needs, it will never meet our true soul needs. Thanks for this, Sheila. Well written!


    1. Thanks Dayle! I was actually surprised at the degree of homesickness that engulfed me. It was hard, until I realized that God was reminding that nowhere on this earth can truly be home!!


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