A Royal Welcome for House Guests

We’ve lived fun and adventure, traveled the globe, discovered new skills and glimpsed other cultures! And all on a shoestring budget, right from our home! “How is that possible?” you ask. Through the hearts of our guests sharing the love they have for their homeland, or their passion for things like painting, making balsamic vinegar, or cooking.

And we have received such lovely gifts through the years. Hand-woven cloth from Ghana and Nepal, a lovely hand-dyed sari from Zambia, a beautiful oil painting, and Russian nesting dolls. But the greatest gifts are the joy they’ve left in our hearts. And the blessing of having met so many wonderful, kind, and caring people!

That’s why we see guests as a privilege, not extra work. Think about it: someone cared enough to take time out of their busy life to visit you! That makes them worthy of honor and a royal welcome!

12 Simple ways to make guests feel special

1. 🚪 Put out the welcome mat

Not only a welcome mat at the door. But make (or have your kids make), a creative welcome poster for your front door or the guest room door.

2. 🚿 Show the guests their bath and bedroom

After a long trip a chance to freshen up can be so refreshing. But they may also be hungry, so make sure they know food and drink will be served once they’re ready.

3. 🥤 Have drinks and snacks ready

Nothing creates a welcoming atmosphere or breaks the ice like food. So even if mealtime is far off, invite them to the living room or patio for snacks, drinks, and a chance to unwind.

4. 🏠 Give the grand tour

This will help them know their way around and where to find things like the iron and hair dryer. Demonstrate how things work too. Things like fans, air conditioners, the shower, TV, and internet.

5. 🍬 Put snacks in their room

Include a thermos carafe of cold water and glasses. And a basket filled with goodies like fruit, juice, snack bars, crackers, mints, chocolates, and napkins. This can be especially important if they’re dealing with jetlag, so they can have a midnight snack without disturbing you – or having to starve!

6. 👚 Supply their room with necessities

Provide some storage space, including hangers. Place extra blankets, throws, and pillows where they can find them. And supply the room with a power strip for their phones and devices.

7. 💐 Add special touches

Make your guests feel special by adding extra touches to their room. Things like candles, flowers, and mints on their pillows. And set an elegant table, at least for their first meal with you!

8. 🪥 Place toiletries in their bath or bedroom

Place a basket of toiletries in their room or bath, along with a bath mitt and shower cap. Don’t forget things like toothbrushes and disposable razors.

9. 🛏️ Use your best towels, linens, and pillows

Give guests your best to make their stay more comfortable! After all, who wants to use lumpy pillows, rough towels, or sheets with your stains?

10. 📚 Make the room comfortable

Provide a fan or heater. And because many people have difficulty sleeping in a strange bed, place a lamp and reading material on the nightstand. Be sure to include brochures on things they can see and do in your area once they’re rested up!

11. ☕ Keep a coffee tray on the kitchen counter

Keep a beverage tray on the kitchen counter with fixings for coffee and tea, along with cups and spoons. Many guests won’t feel comfortable fishing through your cupboards.

12. 🖍️ Be a super host with extra amenities

Furnish a soft bathrobe and washable slippers. Stock their medicine cabinet with a 1st aid kit, pain killers, and the like. And if your guests have children, pick up some inexpensive toys or crayons and coloring books for them. Or even offer to babysit for an evening!

Guests are a blessing

Scripture tells us to not neglect hospitality, even to strangers, because they could be angels. So we find it important to treat them as the blessing that they are! And with a bit of planning it’s not hard to also give them a truly royal welcome!

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling.

1 Peter 4:8-9 ESV

What little things do you do to put the welcome mat out? Share them with us!

Images: Welcome sign by Cottonbro Studio. | Snacks by SplitShire | Toiletires Image Bru-nO | Emojis from Emojipedia.

10 thoughts on “A Royal Welcome for House Guests

    1. Great suggestion, Nancy! And so important, since food intolerances seem to be constantly on the rise. We occasionally also cook American food for guests here, as many like trying new things. Sloppy joes, so far, has been the top favorite!! (But then, Italians love almost anything in tomato sauce! 🙂 )


  1. Great thoughts! I love making people feel welcome, though at this time in our lives we haven’t had many guests. But I look forward to a time when we can do that again. Blessings to you!


  2. Wow! You really know how to make others feel welcome! We have a revolving door where–people come and go, and one of the best things we can do for them is to make them “refrigerator friends” so they can just go into the fridge or pantry as they need. But you know how to make the special touches count!


    1. I like that term “refrigerator friends” Dayle. And I agree. We have found that some guests are too hesitant to ask when they need things – so things like that can make a big difference!


  3. Great post ! Here in the village, guests drop by unannounced, and walk right in !
    (There is some safety when we all know each other). They know they are always welcome. 🤗


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