God’s Love in a Kitten, Part 2

God often works, and shows his love, in mysterious ways. And at times through such ordinary happenings we mistake them for mere chance or circumstance. Like the time he used a mamma cat’s unusual behavior to encourage our grandchildren.

That mamma cat, Lunetta, had brought her kitten out of hiding far too early. Just so they could see it before they had to move away and leave her behind. An unusual happening that touched their hearts in a special way. Easing the pain of separation from us and the town they loved.

God’s ways mysterious

But that’s one of the ways in which he works. He reaches out through simple happenings to show his deep and unfathomable love.

God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform. He plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm.

William Cowper

Our son and daughter both suffer with chronic health problems. But they’re fighters, and they keep on going – doing all they can to care for their families.

Then several years ago, our oldest granddaughter (now 22) received the unwelcome diagnosis of Multiple Schlerorsis. Which causes a lot of suffering, especially in particularly acute stages.

Recently she was plagued by severe chest pain, to the point that she can barely breathe or talk. So she was mostly confined to a rocking chair, like an old woman.

I can only imagine how depressing and discouraging that must be. In the flower of her youth, she should be chasing her many plans and dreams. Not rocking like an old granny.

God’s love in a kitten

Awakened one night by their dogs barking, they opened the door to find a kitten on their doorstep. A tame kitten, contentedly purring over finding a new family. Who later happily made himself at home, sitting with Allie in her chair.

So they passed the days together, creating companionship for one other. And my daughter said that she smiles a lot more since the kitten’s arrival.

We are all convinced that God sent that kitten to cheer her heart and lessen her loneliness. For that is God’s way.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3 ESV

Could the kitten have appeared mere chance? Possibly. But I believe it was a demonstration of God’s providence. Of him providing just what she needed at just the right time.

That’s what God is like. He orchestrates the heavens, commands the world, and will even move mountains if necessary to care for his children.

Why no healing?

Why wouldn’t God just heal her? Couldn’t he? Certainly he could, and we will probably never know why he didn’t or hasn’t.

All we know for sure is that he knows best and is a loving God. Even here in this life of pain and suffering he cares for his children. And when (for whatever reason) healing does not come, he steps in and grants the grace, strength, and fortitude to continue on. Often providing simple encouragements – like kittens – that become huge blessings to our hearts and lives.

Our great God moves in mysterious ways – even through tiny little kittens! And if you don’t know him in this way, seek him out today. He is longing to show you the same tender loving care!

Images: Cat by susannp4 | Girl with kitten by Japheth Mast.

10 thoughts on “God’s Love in a Kitten, Part 2

    1. Thanks Linda. All the prayer is needed and so appreciated. I have to admit I sometimes wonder why Hubby and I have been so remarkably healthy (at least so far) and our kids and this grandchild have to suffer so much. I do know that the Lord brings great things from suffering. And above all that his greatness can shine through it. But it is hard seeing loved ones suffer. So thanks for the prayers!


  1. I hurt for your granddaughter, but you’re right–His ways are higher than ours, and His thoughts are greater than we could ever hope to understand. The kitten is a sweet reflection of tender love–a presence of comfort, a companion, for someone who is where they never asked to be. She’s one remarkable young woman, that granddaughter of yours.


    1. Thanks Dayle. In talking with her today she had another rough time, with great difficulty walking. It’s hard to think of what she’s going through. And that’s why God’s kitten is such a blessing. Little gifts, little hugs from a great and loving Father. We think she’s pretty special too, but we are above all grateful that we serve a remarkable God!

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    1. Yes, he is. He really is! Hubby and I (and the whole family) are so grateful he sent our Allie a kitten to bring comfort and give her company. It may seem like such a tiny, unimportant thing. But God knows what a difference these things can make!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a special story of God’s unfailing love and provision for your Allie! I am also touched by your faith in God, Who even if He doesn’t heal is worthy of all trust and worship. God bless each of your family, each day.


    1. Thank you so much Patty for rejoicing with us! God is so good. And even when we don’t understand we can rest in his goodness!

      Liked by 1 person

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