Two Months Without Internet

Could you handle two months without internet? Long ago (or so it seems) in pre-Covid days, we would spend most of the summer visiting friends and churches or down in our summer home. And most of the time without internet, going without for even two months!

Many people these days would ask, “Is it even possible to live without internet?” How about you? Would you survive 2 months without it? What would you do? 

How would you handle 2 months with no internet?

I don’t believe I’ve ever actually been addicted to internet. But our summers away provide a good test. Because I have found that the best way to diagnose it is by going without.

And I’m please to report that I love the time unplugged, especially our time at the summer home! It’s a place where even cell phone reception is sketchy. So we do miss keeping up with world news, and with friends and family in particular.

But it it’s GOOD to have a prolonged period of just doing Real Life. So with this thought in mind, I’d like to share what we DO during those times. Things we might miss out on, or at least not enjoy as much as.

18 Things we enjoyed without internet:

Most of which you could enjoy too, adapted to your locality AND CONDITIONS.

  1. 🚶‍♀️ Taking long walks.
  2. 🍦 Going out for ice cream.
  3. 📚 Reading a lot.
  4. 📖 Bible study.
  5. 🍕 Going out for pizza.
  6. 📀 Watching films.
  7. 💤 Taking long naps.
  8. 🧹 Extra cleaning and home maintenance.
  9. ⛪ Visiting churches (or at least online during lockdowns).
  10. 🍲 Attending local street festivals.
  11. ☕ Visiting with neighbors in our shared courtyard and in the local piazza.
  12. 📜 Learning more about Hubby’s family history.
  13. 🗨️ Sharing our faith.
  14. 👪 Quality time with family.
  15. 🤫 Sitting quietly together..
  16. 🏞️ Visiting the Cilento National Park seacoast.
  17. 🧺 Savoring a picnic lunch along the Amalfi coast.
  18. 🍽️ The blessing of having house guests.
  19. And reading the Bible in the piazza because the people asked us too!

Every summer down at the summer home, in that village which seems almost surreal, I learn valuable lessons. Hubby and I use it as a kind of spiritual retreat. A time to reflect, ponder, and redirect.

Lack of internet

But the main lesson came through watching friends struggle over the lack of internet. They only spent 2 nights with us. But not having access to social media nearly drove some of them crazy!

They were visiting a new place they’d never been to before. In the midst of unspoilt nature, surrounded by breathtaking views. During a time of various street festivals. And yet, they spent a lot of time checking their phones for internet connection, frustrated when they didn’t get service.

It made me realize that people often don’t enjoy to the fullest good times and special experiences, because of searching online for trivialities, posting selfies, or fear of missing messages on social media. Experts call this fear FOMO, Fear of Missing Out, and say it’s becoming a serious problem with many people.

Our friends seemed to think we were making a big sacrifice by going without internet for so long. But I couldn’t help but wonder: What were they sacrificing by not wanting to unplug for 2 days?

So what would you do with no internet for 2 months? What would you add to my list? What good things are you missing out on, or not fully enjoying, because of internet?

Images: Laptop & orange cup by freephotocc | Emojis from Emojipedia | Others ©SignoraSheila.

10 thoughts on “Two Months Without Internet

  1. Oh, I would LOVE IT!! Social media isn’t what gets our family. My kids love to research everything, so they would miss that. And we have students doing college online. But if restrictions let up around here, we can go back to the library on a regular basis during the summer, and that would satisfy them.
    Every few years the electricity gets knocked out by a big storm for several days, and I always feel so much more peace. Electricity even makes a buzzing in the house that you get used to, but when it’s gone it is surprising how quiet our home is.


    1. That’s what gets me too, Linda! And that researching can really beome a big problem. It can turn into an endless chain! I like the way you put it about the electricity – it does make a buzzing sound. Between that and all the activity, peace and quiet are just what we need. I think we need to be more proactive in planning that into our lives, families, and homes!


  2. First of all… how cool is it that people ask you to read the Bible on the piazza!?!?! I’m in healthy amazement. We had to go one month without it last year (during lockdown#1 no less). Sure I missed it some – some of the micro-connections with people – but it was also SO. NICE. to have an excuse to not respond immediately, to not check mail, etc., etc. It definitely had an upside.


    1. Yes, it was a real blessing when they asked us to read the Scripture in the piazza! It’s always a joy to share God’s Word. I’m glad you also found your time without internet to be a refresing blessing. Too often we seem to jump from one thing to another, so it can be great to have time for real reflection. So we need to remember to make time to unplug every so often!

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  3. I’m thankful that our children grew up before the Internet was so consuming. They played and explored and invented, much as my childhood was. I feel sorry for those today who are too tied up with their electronics. I know that I could use a break and that I should discipline myself more than I do. Thank you for the challenge, Sheila!


    1. I agree Patty! Ours did the same – and I think had a great childhood because of it. Plus, as missionaries here, money was often scarce – so they had to really put their imaginations to work! I love our retreats in our 2nd home because of being so cut off. It helps refocus on the things that really matter!

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  4. YOU HIT IT ON THE HEAD! The curse of the internet is covered in a cloak of pretty that fools people into thinking they need it. I love what you two do when you don’t have it. Well done, my friend.


    1. Thanks Dayle! Hey, you gotta make the best of things right? But we do find it helps us get back to basics. Internet is a great tool, but I’d hate to have it over run my life and crowd out so many important and beautiful things!


    1. Ha, Allen. Your post about sums up our internet situation in our summer village. Here in our main town we have great Wi-Fi, which I’m grateful for. It would be rather hard to do blogging, writing, overseas communication without it. I think because it’s only the summer period that we’re basically without, it does help us to cope. I have switched to a new cell provider though, as everyone in town says it’s the only one that works well there. We’ll see when we get back down. Fingers crossed!!

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