History Anyone? Absolutely! [Video]

If you’re a history buff like me, you’ll love Absolute History’s Youtube channel! They offer fun and informative videos which present history in an entertaining way. Not only do they recount Britian’s history, covering the Tudor, Stuart, and Victorian eras, but much more. Including ancient world history, the Middle Ages, and even modern history.

So far my favorites have been the Full Steam Ahead series which investigates how and why the railways changed history and what it was like traveling and working them from their earliest days.

And Wartime Farm my absolute favorite, perhaps because I can more closely identify with that era. The actor/hosts Alex, Ruth, and Peter will take you through blackouts, rationing, food shortages, women farm workers and spies, pigeon spies, and more.

If you’ve always seen history as a cold and boring subject, Absolute History could change your mind. These are not boring lectures or textbook discussions. But rather brought to life episodes, where history is actually acted out. Which help you the viewer experience it (in a sense) first-hand!

So, history anyone? – Absolutely!!

Food line by buckle1535 from Flicker, CC BY 2.0.

12 replies on “History Anyone? Absolutely! [Video]”

Thanks Dayle, but I can’t take credit for that. It’s a quote from Ghandi. And yes, we all still have sooooo much to learn!!

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My dear husband has gotten me interested in history, and WW2 is fascinating. Thanks for sharing this. I watched the War Farmers and was humbled by their efforts to feed a country when their food supplies were cut off.


I know, it War Farms was super humbling yet encouraging. It did remind me (once again) of how little I have to really complain about. But also renewed my efforts to live simply that others may simply live. I was most struck by their banning together and working for the common good. And by their talents in making over, making do. How much I have to learn!!

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I too love history and will be watching some of the videos for sure. Thank you for telling us about them! Did you always like history, Sheila? I must admit my interest grew after I became an adult. School history seemed so dry and focused on wars and politics.


I’m glad I introduced them to you then, Nancy! Yes, I have always found history interesting. But not school-style history. I remember as a child reading biographies, autobiographies, and the like. They brought history to life for me and created a longing to learn more about the times they presented. One of the first I remember was about Annie Oakley. I loved that book and read it over and over. How I longed to go back and do all that she did! School history did me in with all the dates to memorize!

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Dates are important, but they are still hard for me to remember. I prefer learning the who, what, where, and why – I like that much more than the when!!

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I actually liked history even in school. Apart from all the dates to memorize. My favorite was the old west. How I longed to go west in a wagon train. I even made lists of what I should take along! Although I really don’t think I was tough enough to endure the trip or the life. Love my comforts too much, I’m afraid. Like soft pillows and warm beds, lol!

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Yes, WWII has also interested me too, but even more so the era of the Great Depression. I find the courage and fortitude they had to be so inspiring!!

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