Colledimezzo Abruzzo

Colledimezzo is another of Italy’s villages that seems like a trip to the past. Nestled in midst of Abruzzo’s mountains, this tiny but quaint and picturesque village is well worth a visit! Which is just what we did with some friends last summer, during a break between lockdowns.

(And yes, I know I’m a little slow at getting things posted…) But it was a fun and special time anyway! It was a special outing, celebrating our first freedom from lockdowns. First, the church service in an old barn, followed by picnic on the grounds. And concluding with a stroll around the lovely town of Colledimezzo.

Colledimezzo, which means The Middle Hills, is surrounded by mountains, the two closest being Mounts Butino and Rinello.

An ancient town, it dates clear back to the 10th century. Although archeologists have even found Roman furnishings in the area. In the Norman period it was a fief town first of Rinaldo, a supposed son of Hannibal, and later of the D’Avalos family.

With under 500 people, it’s a quiet delightful place to spend the day, especially in the heat of summer. You can picnic near beautiful Sangro River (Blood or Red River). Or hike in the stupendous nature to chamois and deer. Be sure to watch out for brown bear and Marsican wolves! Or visit nearby Lake Bomba or the mineral spring of Monteferrante.

Colledimezzo is also close enough for a trip to the nearby ski resorts. Or a day trip to the seaside resorts of Vasto and Pescara. Or even a jaunt into one of Abruzzo’s three national parks.

Colledimezzo is a simple place. But it’s cobblestoned streets, ancient churches, and old stone houses are sure to delight you. And make you want to return!

Images ©Signora Sheila.

10 thoughts on “Colledimezzo Abruzzo

  1. Well you sold me on wanting to take some time over there. Sigh, at my age I should not be making my bucket list longer than I can ever complete in this life time.


    1. Ha, that’s a good one Gary! And I know what you mean. I guess we must both have a bit of wanderlust. God’s great earth is so beautiful, and the different cultures he has filled it with so enticing. It seems like it all just calls us to visit and see for ourselves! And who knows, perhaps one day you will make it over!


  2. I’ve seen such village scenes on TV, on the program House Hunters International. So quaint and inviting! It’s just the kind of place we’d enjoy–away from the noisy crowds.


    1. My mom says she watches that show too, Nancy. Always says it reminds her of her visits here. I can see you enjoying such a place! If you could come over, we’d go on a picnic there!!

      Liked by 1 person

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