Blog With Purpose Not Obligation

Have you ever written a blog post that starts out apologizing for not blogging in a while? I haven’t, but the thought had crossed my mind! Until I read a post about Blogging without Obligation. The author basically brought out the fact that no one should have to apologize for how often they post. An intriguing thought. And one that helped me rethink blogging, and the expectations that come with it.

Blogging expectations

The main thing that kept me from writing “I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile…” is that I doubt anyone even notices! After all, I’m not writing for a major magazine or news site. And I seriously doubt people are sitting around wondering, “I wonder why Sheila hasn’t posted in a while!”

Perhaps it’s time to rethink our blogging expectations

And because blogging should be an enjoyable, fruitful process for us, and a rewarding, inspiring, or helpful activity for our readers. Not pressurized by rule and obligations we or others create. So with that in mind…

Blog with purpose, not obligation!

1. Is your blog a treadmill?

If your blog has started seeming like a treadmill, perhaps you’re trying to do too much. Or perhaps you’ve lost sight of your purpose, focus, or goals. By focusing on your goals, blogging with purpose can bring back the joy!

2. You want everyone to love your blog.

You love your blog and want everyone else to as well. (That’s normal – why else would you be blogging?)

But isn’t blogging really supposed to be about connecting with others, reaching out, or touching lives in some way? Don’t let it become all about “success” or an ego trip for yourself!

3. You must post daily.

Perhaps you feel you just have to post every single day. After all, that’s what the “pros” say. But wait a minute, others say that’s a big mistake! So if posting daily is burdensome to you, don’t do it!

By blogging with purpose we see that post length and frequency don’t really matter, as long as our message is clear. Quality is what really counts. And sometimes less is more.

4. Does blogging eclipse your real life?

A blog is just a thing, and people are more important than things. Besides, not everything in life is “bloggable.” Not everything should be.

5. Do you stress about stats?

Remember, first, that no one is likely to inscribe them on your tombstone or read them at your funeral. And just because your stats are leaping doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve achieved your goal of presenting a clear message. Or really reaching people with that message!

6. Blog only when truly inspired.

It can help make your content more integral, inspiring, and meaningful. Readers know the difference, and will want to read it. And you’ll probably want to keep your blog around longer too!

Plus just think: You might be doing your part to eradicate post pollution, one step at a time!

Rediscover why you wanted to blog in the first place. Then keep those goals in mind. Tune out the stats, the likes, and all the rest. Listen to the “experts” only when their advice will help you meet your purpose! It’s your blog, not theirs! And they can’t define your vision or purpose.

Blogging with purpose? Yes please! How about you? But with obligation? No, thank you!! And how about you?

Don’t let others define your purpose and vision.

Images: Laptop by FoodieFactor | Tablet & coffee by Aliis Sinisalu | Camera lens by Cody King.

38 thoughts on “Blog With Purpose Not Obligation

  1. This is a post of pure quality! I truly needed to read this. I can get sucked into the expectations of blogging but I have learned to stop stressing so much and stop in when I feel called to. In this season, my life has been more private than usual (even though I am a pretty private person) and I am using this time to become comfortable with these changes and picking the essential moments/lessons to draw inspiration from when the time comes. God bless!


    1. Thanks so much for your input, and I’m so sorry I didn’t answer sooner. We’re in the middle of a move – right in the midst of lockdown – and it’s been keeping me pretty busy. It really is hard to find the right balance with blogging and find what truly works for us. Because often what the pros say or what works for others, may be the worst for us. I think little by little if we keep at though, we fill find our happy spot in our blogging life! Just keep at it!

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  2. I ask God what He wants me to share, I hit publish, and I ask Him to use it… and now and then I ask for confirmation that what I am doing is bearing fruit. It took me a long time to get to this place with blogging, but I think it is healthy. Your posts are always full of wisdom. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Good for you, Linda! And yes, that is a healthy way of blogging. To publish posts without prior reflection would certainly be rather pointless! And probably a lot less likely to encourage or inspire others.

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  3. Wow, my friend, what deep insights! Besides blogging, what else do we allow to control what we do? this was a great piece for me today–because there are times when I get discouraged by stats and wondering if it matters that I do what I do? The enemy gets in my head and fills it with untruths about what I believe the Lord is giving me to say. But what am I really looking at? The approval of people or of the Lord? This was wonderful–and I love your points. Especially wanting everyone to love what I write. And then I have to ask the question–when did it become about me? Thanks for your wisdom, Sheila!


    1. Thanks, Dayle! But actually, your thanks should go to the author of the original post, as several of the points here were adapted from that article. It was just one of those posts that hit my head like a 2×4, making me wonder: “What in the world am I doing??” It is so easy to get sidetracked – and even start to lose control – especially in this “demanding” world of internet and technology. I say demanding – because sometimes it all starts seeming urgent and essential. (And actually the creators of it all want it to seem that way.) But is it really? But I can honestly say that you, along with many other true friends I have made through WP, have often been a huge encouragement and help to me. And honestly, when I think of that – I realize that’s what I want blogging to all about for me. Encouraging others – or even just one!!

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      1. And that, my dear friend, is what you do for me. Your authenticity and genuineness are beautiful and uplifting to my soul. I’m grateful to know you from afar–and I look forward to heaven when we can sit and enjoy time face to face!


        1. Thanks so much, Dayle. That really blesses my heart. And I’m with you – I can’t wait until we can meet face-to-face. Sorry for not responding sooner. Between getting “Lasting Faith” set up and temporary house move, I’ve been bogged down. Plus, I see I’m not as young as I was…it all becomes harder to do!!


    1. We all need reminders sometimes, Cheryl! There is much more to blogging that I would have ever imagined – and so much advice out there on the best/right way to do it. Which all makes it so easy to get sidetracked, doesn’t it? That’s why I think it’s important every so often to review what we’re doing, and why. Thanks for your input!


  4. Amen. I completely agree. The part I loved especially was: “Blog only when you’re truly inspired.

    It can help make your content more integral, inspiring, and meaningful. Readers know the difference, and will want to read it. And you’ll probably want to keep your blog around longer too!”

    I have found that when I’m sitting quietly and Holy Spirit gives me a great idea (for either site), that’s when it really just flows and works well. I feel like He is trying to reach someone when that happens and my obedience is key. That’s just how I feel about it… does that make sense? It’s His heart speaking through this keyboard and me allowing Him to do so.

    My hubby and I were talking the other day about how we both despise “fluff.” That content that just fills in spaces with no other real purpose. I think when you’re just creating for the sake of creating, it’s easy to be “fluffy,” haha. And burn out is very real. By sticking with purpose, everyone wins in my mind. 🙂


    1. Well like I said, it’s really a question of keeping our focus and goals in sight. For me, that means offering hope, inspiration, and encouragement. But some people blog for fun and that’s OK too. But even there, without keeping goals in sight it’s still easy to blog without inspiration. Even if we blog for fun, we should be trying to offer something to our readers. And without focus or goals, it is far to easy to suffer burnout. Because we could fall into the rut of putting out content just for the sake of doing it. And yes, both we and our readers win when we blog with purpose!!

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    1. So glad it helped Matthew! There is so much advice and expert teaching out there about blogging. I find I have to really fight to keep on track with what I feel I’m supposed to do. And what I believe God want from me. Take care.

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  5. I confess, I have been guilty. It is a funny thing what we are trying to do isn’t it. We want to be noticed and relevant and important, but we want to write and be on our own terms. We want to have a schedule, etc. But, we can’t allow those things to make it into something we don’t love. Great thought. Thanks for keeping this out in front of us.


    1. You’re more than welcome, Chap! Blogging is a tricky thing for sure! But I do find it helps keep in check both my motives and my pride. And I do agree with you that it needs remain something we love. But most of all I just want to blog with purpose… touching or encouraging even one heart! So happy blogging with purpose!!

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  6. Sheila, I DO wonder when a blogging friend suddenly stops appearing in my inbox–you included! Could he/she be sick? Has there been an emergency in the family? BUT! I would never want them to burn the candle at both ends in order to post. You’ve made excellent points here, to guide some of our blogging choices. As for the experts: I chose to cut back from two posts per week to one a couple of years ago and expected to receive half the “views” as a result. For some reason that didn’t happen! Sometimes even the experts get it wrong. Thank you for a solid, common sense post, Sheila!

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    1. Thanks Nancy! Actually I do wonder about blogging friends that suddenly become silent too. But I certainly do want to continue evaluating why I blog, and keep it in the right place! After all it is just a thing!! And I do think the important thing is to keep a vision in front of us.


    1. Good for you Lisa! And I can tell it’s working for you. Your posts are good! And anyway, the only we really need to please is the Lord. A lot of what’s out there on building a successful blog is really just someone’s opinion. Good perhaps. But I personally don’t much care to have a “successful” blog. I just want one that pleases my Father!

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  7. Love this post, Sheila! When I backed off my bloggin schedule to twice a week, I had momentary feeling like I’d be letting some folks down. Then reality hit and I thought, “I’ve written enough posts pointing to Jesus that people ought to realize I’m not He. If they need an encouraging word for that day they can reach Him same as I do.” 😆 Really though, we “owe no one anything except to love one another,” right? Much love to my fellow bloggers out there.

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    1. You’re right Vanessa! It surprised me to discover how addicting blogging can actually become. Who ever would have thought such a thing?? But it helps a lot when I remember that there are millions of blogs out there. The world certainly isn’t sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear from my little blog! But like you, I do hope to always be able to encourage someone. And love the encouragement and stimulation I find in reading all the great blogs I follow. It’s a great past-time, but it is good to keep balance! And I love what you say, if we’re pointing folks to Jesus, readers will know who they must turn to!! Thanks for that good point!

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    1. I agree, Lindsay! Those statements have often left me perplexed, and kind of sad. By that I don’t mean to judge, because I have had such thoughts myself. That’s why that post spoke to me. It made me think this is my blog–I own it–and don’t want to let it own me, telling me what to do, or when or how! LOL! Thanks for commenting!


  8. “Have you ever written a blog post that starts out apologizing for not blogging in a while? ”

    Yes, and it was not long ago. 🙂 Blogging without obligation. Thank you, Sheila. That’s a word for me.

    Italy. Wonderful!

    I’ll be back to visit again with you.


    1. Glad it spoke to you, Kathie. I find I sometimes need to get myself back on track. It helps when I remember there truly is a time for everything. I think it’s got a lot to do with keeping balance–kind of hard for me. I’m a bit reckless and impetuous, LOL! And yes, Italy! Who would have ever thunk? A small town/farm girl from Michigan, married to an Italian, and living here? God’s ways are beyond understanding! But I love it–God has transplanted my heart! I’ll be visiting you too. Your White Stone story is amazing! God bless!


  9. I know what you mean, Sheila! I do enjoy blogging, but I don’t want to be mastered by it. I’ve been reading “Crazy Busy” by Kevin DeYoung, and there’s a quote in there about blogging that has gripped me every since I read it: “I’ve often had to ask myself, ‘Why am I blogging? Why am I tweeting? Is it for my name and my fame?’ It doesn’t matter how big or small our following; we can turn Facebook and Twitter into outposts for our glory. Or–and this is more my struggle–we can fear what others will think if we don’t show up for hours, days, or weeks. We don’t want to disappoint hundreds or thousands of people we’ve never met, so we work all night and ruin the evening of the few people who depend on us every day.”


    1. You’re so right, Ai. And I’m sure this is even more of a struggle for those with young children still at home. Our kids now have their own families, and my husband works as an English second language teacher, so is gone most afternoons and evenings.

      So blogging keeps me company, but that is also one of the reasons I made my blog my daily devotional journal. I don’t want it to take the place of the companionship of God!!


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