Olive Harvest and Moving [Video]

Hello to one and all, life has been a little crazy over here lately. Some days it’a hard to keep up. Especially because we’re planning a temporary move from our hilltop village to the nearby bigger city. And of course that always makes things a bit upside down.

So today, even though the olive harvest is just about done over here, I thought I’d let you experience one for yourself through this video.

Our mini move

Even though it’s only a mini, temporary move – it still takes planning, epecially in the middle of a lockdown. Once we get down there, we won’t be able to get back up to the village for anything we might need or have forgotten. What a mess!

Which gives me food for thought. Before last year, most of us barely knew the word lockdown existed. And now, it has (sadly) become a regular part of our vocabularies. What a shame.

We’re going down there to help a young unmarried pregnant woman (one of the African refugees we’ve been helping), because she needs to have someone she can count on nearby for a bit.

Some friends in our church have offered us free use of an apartment for the next few months. Because even though many women in our church are doing their best to help her, most of them work and/or have small children, making it hard for them.

We’re happy the Lord has provided a way for us to be there for her. To take her to the doctor and things. And more importantly, to be there during the crucial moment of getting to the hospital.

She’s been pretty scared about that. Who wouldn’t be? And I often think, “What if it were my daughter or granddaughter?” I would certainly want someone to reach out and help her! So I’m grateful for this opportunity, just a bit swamped with thoughts and things to do!

I hope you enjoy the video, because olive harvest and grape picking… well they’re the heart and essence of an Italian autumn! And in some ways, of Italy itself. And well worth experiencing! Enjoy!

Olive trees by StockSnap.

8 thoughts on “Olive Harvest and Moving [Video]

    1. We sure hope so. Please do pray that we will be a real blessing in this situation. There are so many needs out there – especially with all the hardship this pandemic has brought. We obviously can’t meet all the needs, but we’ll try to do what we can!

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  1. Father GOD, thank You for this privilege and service You have given to Sheila and her family. Thank You for the provisions You have arranged and will yet provide. Thank You for the watch care You have over them and the watch care You have given them to provide. I pray for a safe and beautiful delivery of this Baby. I pray You will be glorified and much good for Your Kingdom will result. Please provide practical helps of every kind needed for Sheila and this young mother; as well as sweet refreshment of Spirit and soul for all in this ministry. Thank You, Abba, in JESUS name.


    1. Thanks so much, Kathie, for that lovely prayers. That is what we are our friend will most need during this time. And please pray for me – it’s been a long time since I cared for a newborn. I hope I can teach her well, and am so glad for that the younger women in the church will be helping in this!! We’re getting excited about the baby’s arrival though!! What a gift!

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  2. Interesting that some olives are so easily removed (as shown at the end of the video) and sturdy enough to be dropped to the ground into nets. Must make harvesting a much quicker job! / God bless you and your husband as you minister to this young woman. It’s going to be even more interesting than olive harvesting to see how God uses you during the next few months. (I’ll be praying, Sheila!)


    1. Yes indeed, Nancy. Both olive and grape harvests are so interesting. We love watching them. But keep in mind that this is the old-fashioned way to harvest. Nowadays, especially if they lots of trees, they use machines. Nets are always spread on the ground, but a shaking machine is attached to the tree trunk and the olives shaken from the tree. Some farmers have hundreds of trees – so you can really see how valuable such a machine is to them! And thank you so much for your prayers for us during this coming time, and especially for our young friend as she faces this unsure, frightening time. We are blessed to be able to be there for her! Thanks Nancy.

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  3. For you and your hubby to help this young woman is a tremendous act of boldness and compassion. And what a picture of the love of Jesus for those who seem invisible. Definitely a Philippians 2:1-4 response! And I loved the video! There’s something calming about watching that young man pick olives.


    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Dayle. Our friend was so happy and relieved that she started crying when we told her. It all must be so scary for her. And we do have good news regarding the situation. She and the young man are planning to marry as soon as they can get their documents sorted out. It’s a bit complicated as she is Nigerian and he is from Sierra Leone. But I think it will be good for them and such a joy to witness the wedding!! Please do keep them in prayer. This lockdown time is especially hard on the immigrants.

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