Italy’s Restaurants IN the Sea

Our local coastline, known as Italy’s Trabocchi Coast, is quite unique because of the special fishing platforms along its shores. Many of which have been transformed into elegant restaurants — right IN THE SEA!! 

So just imagine this scenario. A beautiful day, warm and sunny. A romantic 40th anniversary dinner for two, or rather for 10. That was the special gift our dear friends Massimo and Magdalena gave us for our anniversary!

With the added gift of enjoying it in their company, along with other great friends! A real anniversary party! Not that we actually went on our anniversary, as it’s much too cold to eat over the water in November!

They project out over the sea like giant insects on tall legs.

Many are elegant restaurants!

Many of these amazing structures have been turned into elegant restaurants! 

They are still used for fishing so some of the food is caught right there! Fishing docks with the elegance of fine dining. A beautiful blend of the practical and romantic!

The trabocco we were on, Punta Cavalluccio (or Sea Horse Point), has a fantastic seafood menu, all fresh and exquisitely prepared. The service was elegant, with attentive waiters. And even the tableware was beautiful and unique!

Seeing these structures along the seacoast intrigued us, as they do many people. So it was fascinating to say the least, to dine on one, see the fishing nets, and even where they they prepare the food! And of course everywhere we turned, were signs of the sea and fishing. Even the transparent floor window looking down into the crystal clear water!

A special and romantic experience

Trabocchi dining truly is a special and romantic experience. Almost magical, I’d say!

We are so grateful for this special time in such a beautiful place, made even better by the presence of dear and special friends! How blessed we are! And we really wish that you could all visit our special trabocchi!

If you make it to Italy, wouldn’t you love to try trabocco dining?

Images ©Signora Sheila.

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Thank you Karen, we do try to bask in each other’s love and in God’s. He is so good to us!!


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