The Most Dangerous Ways to School [Video]

Most of us went to school as kids, and knew the way so well we could almost follow the path eyes closed! But few of us could have imagined taking the extremely long, ardous, and danger-frought paths the children in these documentaries follow.

This great documentary series can help us and our childen truly appreciate the value of an education. These kids undertake great risks just for the chance of an education. Because they know what a great gift it is!

Great risk for an education

We found ourselves admiring their pluck and courage as they climb formidable mountain peaks, cross icy landscapes or oven hot deserts, or row for hours down perilous lakes and rivers. Some without shoes or with little food and water, and sometimes quite young.

And how about you? Have you, as a parent, managed to help your children appreciate their opportunity to learn? Or do they grumble and complain about school, like so many First World kids?

appreciate education

These 10 films could help your kids appreciate their own education. They’re great films for the whole family. Really bringing home the true value of education, through the price these children pay to get one. And all for the chance of the better life it could provide.

Really eye-opening of how many blessings and privileges we often take for granted. While also granting a fascinating glimpse into what life is like in different places around the globe: Siberia, Himalaya, Kenya, Lake Titicaca (between Peru and Bolivia), Nepal, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Mexico, Bolivia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Start out on your amazing learning adventure by watching the trailer of these Quintus Media documentaries.

The lifestyle I most enjoyed learning about were the families in Siberia. As tough as it was, there was something about it that seemed almost idyllic. Whereas watching what the Kenyan children go through was literally heartbreaking. And the kids that most won my heart were 3 adorable little girls in Mexico.

Watch them and let me know which were your favorites, and why!

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

George Washington Carver

Images: Mountain stairs by Joshua Earle | Photo in hand by Lisa Fotios | School girls by Pragyan Bezbaruah.

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