The Soldier Who Killed a King: Book Review

Masterfully written, David Kitz’s true retelling of Christ’s Passion through the eyes of centurion Marcus Longinus, drew me in from the start. His book, The Soldier Who Killed a King, is definitely one to put on your to-read list!

Makes the Gospel live

This book really brings the Gospel story to life in a fresh way. Sometimes we become so over-familiar with it that it loses much of its impact. But this captivting narrative will have you walking the streets of old Jerusalem with Marcus the centurion, ensnared with him in the intrigue of its political plots.

You will follow the Lord’s Jerusalem ministry. It will seem as if you, not Simon of Cyrene, is carring the Lord’s cross. And you will stand there with Marcus at the foot cross, feeling his despair and his search for truth and meaning.

See for yourself

But let me take you there with a excerpt from the book…

“It was a horrible night. Horrible! I could not sleep. The events of the day kept flooding over my mind – a constant bloody torrent. During the daylight hours you can steel yourself against another man’s suffering. But at night your hard shell dissolves from around you, and you are left in just your own skin again. Then their suffering soaks into your flesh, and it becomes your own…” ¹

The Good News

But best of all, The Soldier Who Killed a King brings the Good News to the reader’s heart in a dynamic, but also gentle way. Showing Christ’s love for us all and creating a longing to know the One who gave so much for us.

Be sure to read this book which “will astonish you afresh with how completely Christ’s resurrection changed history, one life at a time.” ² And check out David’s blog, I Love the Psalms, where he brings the Psalms to life with that same gentle wisdom!

He also offers a free PDF study guide for The Soldier Who Killed a King, designed for groups who want to read and discuss the book together.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author, in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation.

1. Quote taken from “The Soldier Who Killed a King,” (chapter 34), ©2017 by David Kitz. Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids MI, USA. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.
2. Quote taken from the book’s back cover.

Images: Crucifixion scene by Sweet Publishing / | Book cover image from dzk productions, used under Fair Use Standards.

4 thoughts on “The Soldier Who Killed a King: Book Review

    1. You are more than welcome, David. I love your book, and it is one that I will definitely reread from time to time!


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