A Lesson from the Beautiful Gate

The lame beggar lay near what was known as the Beautiful Gate. A name which indicated the beauty of its workmanship and material. The temple had gates on all sides, nine in total, each beautifully covered with silver and gold.

Corinthian gate

But the gate known as the Corinthian gate surpassed the others.

Larger, more beautiful, and more intricately designed, it was covered with a peculiar blend of metals called Corinthian brass. A metal first formed when the Romans (about 180 years prior) had burned the city of Corinth, with its multitude of statues. The metal of these statues melted together into a blend of gold, silver, and brass which came to be known as Corinthian brass, which the ancients valued more highly than other metals.

The beautiful gate

Scholars believe the Corinthian Gate might have been the Beautiful Gate. And in this we find an interesting metaphor.

Wealth does not free

The lame beggar sat there in the midst of all those great riches, where many wealthy passed by daily.

But none of that wealth or any of those wealthy people could set him free. Only those like the apostles Peter and John could do so. Who, though materially poor, were immensely rich. And who realized that they possessed the only true wealth that their paralyzed and perishing world needed.

May we also be like Peter and John. That we would realize that our poor and paralyzed world need what we have. And that even if we should find ourselves in material poverty or physical illness, we would still realize that we possess great wealth and treasure.

The lame beggar sat there in the midst of great riches, where many wealthy passed by daily.

Treasure which we go out and offer to the poor and perishing all around us. To those so incapacitated by their spiritual poverty that they are unable to reach out to grasp it for themselves.

Like the apostles, we may have no silver or gold to share, but what we have is far greater! Who can you share your great riches with this week?

But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!

Acts 3:6 ESV

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8 replies on “A Lesson from the Beautiful Gate”

Greatly appreciate that information about the Corinthian Gate, and the lesson it teaches in conjunction with the story of Peter, John, and the crippled beggar. With you, Sheila, I pray to be as bold and Peter and John and offer what I have, which is indeed a treasure of great worth!


Thanks Nancy. I found it quite informative too. There is just so much behind the scenes info to the Bible that it keeps amazing me. And ye, we need to reach out to our poor crippled world. There is just so much suffering in it.


I love the idea of Corinthian brass–a beautiful product from an attempt to destroy. What a wonderful idea. And the lame beggar healed–when others would have chosen to destroy, ignore, pretend he wasn’t there. Wonderful thoughts, my friend.


Thanks Dayle! The Scripture is an endless fount of beautiful thoughts, for sure!! We can study it all our lives and never stop learning!


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