The Sound of Silence

It's the Sound of Silence It sighs on the wind The voice of calm serenity Whispers in the treetops Calling, peace be still Whispering, sighing, breathing Never still, nor fully silent Harken to its melody Singing in the stillness For only then Do we truly hear Only then do we learn That the Lord, He... Continue Reading →

We Each Have a Part to Play

Crossway recently published an excellent article on CS Lewis, on the anniversary of his death which occurred on November 22, 1963. Many deeply mourned him, but he was ready to go. During his final days he made the following memorable declaration: "I have done all I wanted to do, and I'm ready to go." What... Continue Reading →

Tell Me More: On Sharing Your Faith

Italy's state medicine system is a big blessing to us! Without it we would have at times had to go without medical care. We appreciate having good care and treatment at no or low out-of-pocket costs. But it's always been our family dottori (doctors) that we most value.  Even though we often seem to amuse them with... Continue Reading →

Life in a Graveyard

One-by-one we've watched them go. Quite often heart-broken, usually discouraged, but always leaving a big chunk of their hearts behind them. Graveyard life did them in, and it's really no surprise. It's often dark and gloomy, oppressive and crushing. What in the world am I talking about? Italy. Beautiful, marvelous Italy, where few missionaries remain.... Continue Reading →

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